My New Pantry

I've always stocked up on food but even more so since the pandemic.  We outgrew our pantry cabinet and started using my plant greenhouse wire rack and then that wasn't enough, so we used another wire rack we had in the garage as well.  I covered them with a white sheet to keep them dark and it really bothered me because 1.  it took up space in my dining room and 2. it was unsightly lol!

I eventually wanted a pantry built-in to the wall in our kitchen but didn't want to spend a lot, didn't know who to do it and I didn't want drywall dust everywhere either.  So for $60, we were able to come up with something that works and condensed the cabinet and 2 wire shelves and even the microwave cart down to just these 2... Bookcases!  Yes, I love me some bookcases and they didn't fail me this time for food storage either.  Walmart has shrunk the bookcases, so they're now about 25 inches instead of the old 31 inches for the same price of $29.  They only come out about 12 inches, whereas our cabinet and cart was about 17 inches - so we have more room to walk through the kitchen now too!

The Crisco was a pandemic buy - I haven't used it and don't plan on using it unless push comes to shove LOL!

Then, I didn't want to use the same white sheet and look tacky, so I ordered some tension rods and nice curtains from Amazon for $40 - altogether, my pantry was $105!  I could have gotten the 84-inch curtains but I didn't want to have to cut and sew them to fit, so I got the 63-inch and just deal with the part showing on the bottom.

Now, I have reclaimed my dining room space too!  We can now put the table centered back under the chandelier and have more room when we extend it with the 2 leaves when guests come over.