What's Been Cooking

I've really been enjoying these new cookbooks and so far, everything I've made from them has been excellent!

I made their orange chicken, which came from the Next Generation book and it is a keeper for sure!

I know this one doesn't look good necessarily but it was absolutely delicious and the whole family loved it!  It was Chickpea potato stew:

They called for a lot of Instant Pot accessory pans and ramekins that I didn't have but thankfully I found them on Amazon:

I made my first cake in the Instant Pot with the Coconut Bundt Cake recipe and it was good but I wish I had made the strawberry sauce to go on top of it instead of the icing.

I made the World's Easiest Shepherd's Pie made with ground turkey and it was soooo good!  I actually made 2 Instant Pots of this so my husband had leftovers for work.  Everyone was scraping their dish to get every bite, so good!

I made the Broccoli, Sausage and Cheese soup and it tasted good but didn't have enough in it for me, I guess I'm more a stew girl than a soup!

This last recipe, Curried Tuna Casserole, was from the Kroger coupon magazine they send out that has recipes in it.  It was good but needed more salt.