Late Fall Hiking & My Daughter's Moon Pics

I love how the weather here can be freezing cold literally one day and then another day 65. I keep a watch on the weather and when we get those days above 40, we're off for another hike! Breathing in the fresh air and moving our bodies is not only an exercise, it can be a spiritual experience as well. Jesus and Moses went hiking, as well as many others as we can see in the Bible of how they communed with God on those mountains! (Ex. 24:12; Matt. 17:1) I highly recommend it to keep in shape and if you have the experiences that I do, you will also find a special time with the Lord.

My daughter has loved astronomy since she was about 7, she took a full high school astronomy course and also took flight lessons and completed a year of Aviation. I would trust her flying a plane more than a car, just sayin' lol. She found some likeminded fellow astronomy lovers and took these beautiful pictures of the moon recently using a telescope and her cell phone: