What's Been Cooking

Here are several meals that I made recently that all take just one pound (or less with the salmon and tuna) of meat to feed a family of 4, as do most of the meals I cook.  We usually add in a side and/or salad, breads (homemade biscuit, muffins or other bread) and dessert.

I made some of our favorite Salmon Cakes that I had forgotten about that we used to make a lot in Washington.  I also made an old recipe of tartar sauce that I found and I liked it better than the one I had been making.  We also had some roasted vegetables alongside them.  I don't know where this recipe for Salmon Cakes came from, and I can't find it anywhere online, so I'm sharing it, along with the tartar sauce recipe, in a PDF below.

I made the curried tuna casserole we have made many times:

I also found another older recipe and we love it - Lawnmower Tacos.  It definitely stretches a pound of ground beef and we had leftovers.  I had mine a bowl but my husband and son had theirs on tortillas.

I also made One Pan Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas that I had made in the past once I think.  It was very good!  Definitely a keeper for us.  I cubed my chicken and didn't remove it to shred, I just cooked it cubed.  I also used chili powder instead of the chipotle powder.

Recipe names in post are linked to the recipe; if available online.