Utilizing Closet Floor Space

I recently downsized an enormous amount and that included clothing!  I dropped 7 dress sizes (20 to 6) and so I had very little new clothes that I had purchased this past September.  I finally went through all my clothes that I saved from my 20's - yes, I really saved them all this time!  Almost all of them fit but I realized that my style is not the same and I prefer right-below-the-knee skirts now, so I only kept 10% of my old clothes.  Here is what my closet looked like before I found a floor storage solution:

As you can see, I had some clothes folded off to the side and the rest in a bin.  However, I would forget what was in the bin and miss out on some awesome combinations for outfits.  I knew I didn't have room necessarily for a dresser in there and I didn't want to spend money on one right now, so I found a cheap solution that I actually think I like better!  I bought these plastic cubbies for $43 and I absolutely love them!  I didn't use them exactly how they're supposed to be used in a 4x3 because it would have been too tall, but I found a workaround, as you can see below.

Not only did it solve the problem but I love how it looks and I can see everything that I have.  The closet also feels roomier somehow when I walk in.  I'd call this a win!