Current Food Prices in Ohio #5

Below are current prices for some items we purchased in March.  Most have gone up continually and believe me, it has added up and we are spending the most we've ever spent on groceries in our lives!  I'm actually going to challenge myself soon to see if we can lower our budget because we've been eating pretty good the past few months and it got a little out of hand.  We were spending $600 a month on just groceries and even currently reached $800 for 4 weeks, yes, that's $200 a week for the 4 of us!  I know, I'm even shocked at myself but I've enjoyed it I must admit.

There are some things we will not budge on and that is that we only will buy organic milk, organic soymilk, organic grass-fed beef, uncured ham or turkey sandwich meat, non-GMO corn tortilla chips and certain natural products that don't have additives, preservatives or any other fake stuff.  My health dramatically improved years ago when I made these changes and you are what you eatYour body consists of what you ate in the past, you can't get around that.  Some pay medical bills or prescription drugs and eat cheaper than we do but we prefer to pay a little more and have less medical bills and be on no prescription drugs.  I got myself off a shoebox full of prescription meds and I don't EVER want to go back!  I'm in the best shape and health I've probably ever been in my life and I got here by eating healthy, reducing my pesticide exposure, not consuming growth-hormone-filled animals, getting fit and increasing my muscle mass.  You choose your path.

Countless people have told me, especially recently after losing weight, that I look 20 years younger than I am.  I have noticed that and people ask me what my secret is.  I assume it is God and living a life without alcohol, smoking, drugs or maybe it is the fact that I haven't worn makeup and don't put products on my face (besides simple face wash and lotion).  However, I know others that have done that all their life and they don't look like they haven't aged.  So, I did some research - outside of maybe it being just my genetics - It could be what I eat and have eaten for most of my life.  I consume a lot of nuts and beans!  Could those be the fountain of youth?  I came across a doctor who looks 20 years younger and whose physical health is also several decades younger than he is and he claims it is eating 5 foods that did delay aging: nuts, berries, cruciferous vegetables, olive oil and then drinking green tea.  I actually eat all the foods regularly and I used to drink green tea.  Interesting!  I do feel like it is a consolation prize from God from all I had to go through in life to look like I'm in my 20's.  Thank you God is all I know!  But in the meantime, maybe everyone should grab some cashews, peanut butter and eat your beans, broccoli and blueberries - just sayin'.

Aldi Prices

Dry goods:
Organic canned black beans - $0.99
Organic canned pinto beans - $1.16
Canned garbanzos - $0.76
Canned green beans - $0.50
Canned corn - $0.61
Pasta w/meat canned - $0.92
Canned tuna - $0.80
Canned chicken breast - $3.15 12.5 oz.
Alfredo jar - $2.48
Ketchup - $1.75 38 oz.
Peanuts - $2.19 1 lb.
Whole almonds - $5.99 lb
Chopped pecans - $4.69 lb
Flour tortillas - $1.95 10pk
Corn tortillas - $1.95 30ct
Organic tortilla chips - $3.49
Cheese crackers - $3.89 big box
Saltines - $1.29
Chips - $2.29 bag
Pretzels - $1.98
Low sodium soy sauce - $1.55
Old fashioned oats - $3.79 42 oz.
Olive oil spray - $2.85
Parmesan cheese - $2.75
Organic beef jerky - $4.49

Blueberries - $2.99 1 lb.
Organic celery - $2.19
Sweet potatoes bag - $2.79
Baby Bella mushrooms - $1.39

Whip cream can - $2.99
Sour cream - $1.95
Yogurts - $0.59
Block cheese - $1.99 8oz
String Cheese - $2.69 12pk
Whipped cream cheese - $1.99
Polska Turkey Kielbasa - $3.29
Organic eggs - $4.49 dozen
Mexican shredded cheese - $2.59
Sharp shredded cheese - $2.99
Sliced Pepper-Jack cheese - $1.89
Hummus - $2.49

Ground turkey - $2.69 lb
Frozen broccoli - $0.97
California medley - $1.09
Frozen corn - $0.95
Riced cauliflower - $2.09
Chicken breaded patties - $5.49
Chicken Corndogs - $3.89
Chicken nuggets - $5.59
Pizza - $4.99
Mini pizza bagels - $6.39

Kroger Prices

Dry Goods:
100% Whole wheat bread - $3.79
Whole wheat tortillas - $3.29
Turkey pepperoni - $2.99
Organic raisins - $7.79 lb
Olive oil mayo - $4.59
Whole wheat pasta - $1.34 lb

Spring mix salad - $3.49
Onions - $0.99 lb
Organic green onions - $1.29
Organic baby carrots - $1.59 lb
Mini cucumber bag - $2.79
Organic apples bag - $4.79
Organic strawberries - $5.99
Organic bananas - $0.69 lb.

Uncured turkey or ham - $4.29
Cage free eggs - $3.99 dozen
Organic 2% milk - $4.99 gallon
Unsweetened organic soymilk - $4.29 half gallon
Dark chocolate hummus - $4.99

Burritos - $5.49 bag of 8