April Recipe Reviews #1

We've made a few more of the new recipes I picked to try for April and here are our reviews for each of them.

- Smoked Sausage Rice Skillet - we didn't care for this.  It was edible but just not a favorite, so I'm not even linking to it.

Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit topping - absolutely delicious!  Definitely a keeper when we're in the mood for comfort food.  I cut the butter way down, it just doesn't need that much butter in my opinion as the recipe calls for.  I didn't use butter to drizzle on the top of the biscuit topping, I just sprayed them with olive oil.

- Tuna Potato Bake - this was a winner and I forgot to get a picture.  I used less butter and replaced it with olive oil and also only used 10 oz of tuna and added in 3/4 cup of peas to the tuna mixture.  For the scalloped potatoes portion, I used this recipe.

- Pasta Fagioli and Baguette bread - this is a favorite of ours and not new to us but I decided to go ahead and show the pics from this recent meal.  We each get a half of a baguette bread and then we always have leftovers of the soup to use for lunches another day.

This also is an old recipe we've used for years for whole wheat pizza crust and homemade sauce:

Lastly, we made another new recipe: Turkey Spinach Curry and had it over brown basmati rice and it was delicious!  I used sour cream instead of the yogurt and next time I will probably use more water.  I forgot to take a picture and got the last little bit of my daughter's bowl before it was gone.

I feel like I planned too many meat meals for us and will probably change that to more meatless meals for May because it feels like too much meat than we are used to.