Summer Recipe Reviews #1

We've tried a lot of new recipes and liked most of them!  Here are a few of the new recipes that I remembered to take pictures of and then some oldies but goodies.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs - we usually have this on basmati white rice with a side of broccoli and it is one of my new favorite meals!

We all liked these Greek pitas with falafel and I made the tzatziki sauce and added some PB in it and water to make it more of a sauce.

I grew up on sauerkraut and weenies and thought maybe my son will like it as he's never had it, so I made some with kielbasa.  Well, he said it was the worst thing he's ever tasted in his life LOL! 

It was absolutely delicious to me and I guess I will be alone the next time I make some because my husband and daughter will tolerate it occasionally but very rarely.  I basically take a large jar of sauerkraut and cut up a kielbasa and cook it on low 3 hours in the crockpot and eat it with a side of mashed potatoes:

Philly ground beef sandwiches was an ok meal but would have taken too much to fill me up:

The British just know how to eat because they have beans with everything almost and every meal just about!  Well, I had never tried baked beans on potato before and it is very common in the UK, so we had to try it and wouldn't you know that I absolutely loved it!!  My family wasn't too thrilled with it but I almost scraped my plate clean it was so good and I had it the next day too.

This is a meal we've had a lot over the past couple of years but I'm not sure if I've ever posted about it.  It is Pinto Soup with Dumplings and so tasty and filling!

Red Beans and Rice with kielbasa is also another family favorite we've had for probably a decade or more: