Part 2 - The Blessing of 2023

You can read Part 1 here.

For almost an entire year, my husband was a full-time Pastor and he definitely worked full-time!  I remember being amazed at seeing him in what he was always meant to do with his day.  He studied the Bible for hours, spent a lot of time in prayer several times a day and started writing a book that God directed him to write and all this for 8+ hours a day.  We went about our normal day as he worked for the Lord.

I saw my husband become the most spiritual I'd ever seen him before and believe me, he was before!  He was so confident in leading our church and the Bible studies began to take on a full course meal (and still do).  No doubt he was ready for whatever the next step was but you already know from part 1 that it didn't come.  However, we have since had very odd things happen showing us just what it was that God had intended and what we were waiting for.  I keep praying but I know that just because someone didn't do what God directed, that doesn't mean our story is over!  

God sent us to this city and we obeyed.  God worked out anything and everything out of the both of us and just like Paul, God took us through training.  I have no doubts in my God!  Whatever He says, He knows we will do and if it is just living the wonderful, peaceful and happy life here that He has given us, then so be it. 

This book that my husband has been writing for over a year now - there is nothing like it.  When he told me what it was about and showed me a preview of the table of contents, I was speechless.  I also believe this book will be a valuable addition to the church.  My husband is probably the most humble man you will ever meet.  He has no ambition, no desire for fame, money is not something he has EVER loved... I could go on but let me tell you, He is a true man of God and Satan knows that!

I taught all the Pauline epistles the past few months to my son and had such experiences that I don't want to forget.  It is something when you, as a mom, are teaching your child the Word of God and then the Holy Spirit moves and the next thing you know you are either shouting or praising or weeping.  I can relate so well to Paul - it is comforting to me to know what truly following God's Will comes with - as all who live Godly WILL suffer persecution and we our afflicted on every side.  Paul got it.  Paul didn't need the church to validate him - God took him and taught him and God still does that! 

I'm thankful for 2023 and I wouldn't take it back for anything.  Our marriage was solidified like it had never been before and I got to spend the year with my husband and he got fit - physically and spiritually - like never before.  So, the jokes on Satan - He thought he'd destroy us but instead we became stronger!  He may be successful in hindering God's plan but God always has another plan for those who are willing to obey.

*For all the mockers out there: we had NO unemployment pay, NO government assistance and NO debt taken out for last year.