Part 3: My Weight Loss Story

In Part 1 I explained how it all began and in Part 2 I told you how I did it and now I'm going to give you concrete examples of what I ate and the exercise I did to drop 7 sizes.

  • I ate 4 meals a day - yes MEALS; not snacks - I kept food going in every 3-4 hours up until 2 hours before I slept to repair my metabolism and keep my body well fueled.  
  • I only ate 12 hours of the day, for instance I ate either from 10-10, 11-11 or 12-12 - it all depends on my sleep or what time I finally eat breakfast. So, say I eat breakfast at 11am, meal 2 would be at 3, meal 3 at 7 and meal 4 at 11pm. This not only helps your metabolism and blood sugar but it will keep you FULL and you won't need to snack in between; if you are eating enough at each meal.
  • Each meal contained a protein, fat and carb.  I ate 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein on average, though sometimes my carbs were higher.
  • I aimed to get 4-6 vegetable servings a day and 1-3 fruit servings.
  • I strived for at least 30 grams of fiber but usually it was 35g+ most days.
  • I ate mostly complex carbs - 100% whole wheat bread, brown basmati rice, 100% whole wheat tortillas, beans, etc. (See list below)
  • I ate 80% healthy foods and 20% other foods to keep life happy!
  • I didn't eat fake stuff like all those nasty sugar alcohols (I used real cane sugar and raw honey for my sweeteners) and I eventually stopped eating those high fiber wraps that are just full of added fiber that wasn't naturally occurring.  I also didn't do any of those high protein gimmicks - you can't possibly metabolize more 30 grams of protein in one go!  Skip these fad things that will ultimately tax your liver and kidneys.  I stayed away from "diet" foods.
  • I drank at least 8 cups of water daily and made this a priority and I also made sure I took my vitamins and supplements.

Here are some examples of actual meals I ate:

Foods I mostly ate:

Unsweetened soymilk
Nonfat Greek yogurt
Chicken breast
Grass-fed organic ground beef (once a week to twice a month)

100% whole wheat bread or pizza crust
Old fashioned oats
Basmati brown rice
Whole wheat tortillas
Corn tortillas
Whole wheat pasta
Oats cereal (rarely)
Shredded wheat (rarely)

Avocado (I use premade guacamole cups)
Nuts - walnuts, pecans, peanuts and cashews
Olive oil
Flaxseed meal
Mayonnaise (made with olive oil)

Unsweetened applesauce

Dark green leafy greens
Green beans
Green pepper
Baby Bella mushrooms
Green onions
Butternut squash
Mixed vegetables

Treats I had regularly:
Fun size Snickers
Real hot cocoa (I can only handle Belgian chocolate)
Whip cream aerosol as a topping on fruit
Pure chocolate syrup
Dark chocolate hummus
Cashew ice cream

* My exercise consisted of hiking, walking, dancing, rowing, recumbent bike and weight lifting/strength training.  I exercised 5-6 days on average for 9 hours a week.