Monday, August 31, 2009

Kindergarten Bible

My daughter has already been through her beginner Bible "The Beginner's Bible" several times over the past 2 1/2 years, so she knows a good general basis for the Bible stories. I loved this Bible for small children because it also gives the scripture passage for each story so you can read it from the KJV along with the short Bible story!

She also has watched a series of Bible stories in video form and that greatly helped her take what she knew from hearing the stories read and then seeing them.  Then of course, there is Children's Church classes at church 4 times a week for about 1-1 1/2 hours.  Knowing she has Godly teachers teaching her Bible each week is a blessing!  I would have to say she knows way more Bible then I ever did at 5!  Although I was a Pastor's daughter - we only had Sunday school 1 time a week and then I didn't really get any Bible lessons at home. 

This year, I wanted something more concrete and with questions and maps (she LOVES maps).  I researched and found that a lot of Bible curriculum out there was meant to be done only once a week and the lessons were so simple that it would take a lot of work on my part to expand each one to last a week.

I finally happened upon Memoria Press' Christian Studies.  After reading reviews and looking at samples - I've chosen this for her Bible curriculum this year.  The lessons are in-depth enough to last a week - so it will take us through the first year.  I was worried about it being too advanced for her, but I read reviews of those that have used Level 1 for 5-6 yr olds with success and with my daughter already having a great foundation - I believe it is the one for us. 

The curriculum is used along with "The Golden Children's Bible" which we already own!  I bought the Bible a few years ago for myself, so don't have to purchase it.  We are very confident in this decision and I will do a review of the curriculum (if time permits) at the end of the school year. 

She does Bible crafts in Children's Church, so I didn't see a need to include that.  However, I did see "Bible Crafts for Christian Kids" and if I feel she wants more Art during the week, I will purchase this. 

We will start each school day with prayer and a song to the Lord.  She already has loads of bible song cds and tapes, so we will utilize those.  For scripture memorization, we are using Scripture Songs I - which is KJV only.

Character studies are done as a day-to-day life implementation.  We will be using the Duggar's character chart and learn one character trait a month.  That I believe is the best way to teach character - in real life situations.  

That completes our Bible course plans for this year!  It will be the first and most important subject we start with each day.  If you put God FIRST - everything else will fall into place!

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Classical Education

My daughter will be starting Kindergarten.  We are doing the Classical Education approach with some of the Charlotte Mason style nature walks/hands on ideas added in. Most kids today lack a good solid reading and writing foundation and I want my daughter to have that great foundation.  For if a child can read well - she will do well in all other subjects!  We already read to her daily most of time anyway and have since she was very young, so she has a strong vocabulary.

If you are wondering what Classical Education is, here is a great article from the Author of "The Well Trained Mind":

I feel so excited about the opportunity to train my daughter with a strong education and a zest for learning. Children do take on our attitudes - so if you homeschool, make sure you are excited about learning too!! ; )

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Training Daughters

I have a daughter and that is all I know about raising so far but I do hope to have a boy one day! :)  With boys, you raise them to work but for girls we are to raise them to be homemakers.  I've learned a few things over the years from raising my daughter and will sure learn more as the years go by! I wanted to share what I've learned and do.

Home Economics should be a course in every girl's life from when she is young on up.  I've entertained the idea of making a curriculum for Home Economics for girls but have decided I don't have the time.  When my children are gone and grown I plan on taking that wisdom and helping others with it.  I wish there were older ladies that would have taught me, but I had to learn on my own.

I did find a Home Economics course geared towards my daughter's age that I'm adding to our curriculum this year and will let you all know how it is and then if I like it I will most likely recommend it on here!  It is by an older lady sharing her nuggets of wisdom for us younger ladies with a lesson each week in Home Economics at the early ages. Up until this time, I have taught her to do laundry, dishes, clean up and she has made pizza and cookies.  She loves to be like Mommy!!  

Our children learn from us and if we don't teach them, who will?  Pastor Kinson was speaking about teaching your children at home about God in a recent Bible study .  Have you read the Bible to your daughter regularly?  I even read the Bible to my daughter when she was in my womb.  A Christian should not neglect the greatest of all books to teach their child.  We should teach them daily God's word so they will be rooted and grounded in God's word and then they can be prepared to face the world and make their choice of what they will choose one day.

God can't lie!  Let's look at some scripture that we can rest confident in God if we do our part in what His Word teaches us:

Proverbs 22:6
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

If we train them up in the way of God, they will not depart from it.  Notice, we have to do our part to get the end result.  Should we not be ever so careful with their delicate, impressionable minds?  Yes!  God has called us to raise Godly seed unto Him and to teach them to fear the Lord.  We have such great responsibility and our daughter's lives can be determined by our following of God's Word not mere man's opinions.

Character training is another great thing we must teach our daughter's.  My daughter knows what being generous, thankful, loving, caring, compassionate is!  I had to teach her these things.  I could share stories all day of how she has demonstrated these character traits in day to day life among her peers but I will share just one:

There was a boy, about a year older than my daughter, sitting next to her.  An older lady came up to Katie and offered to buy her a candy bar.  The boy scrunched his face up and said "what about me?  You going to buy me one?"  She said "No, you can ask your Daddy to buy you one".  The boy got mad and by the time my daughter came back to sit down with her candy, his Dad had to come over to him.  He was telling his Dad how it wasn't fair he didn't get candy but before he could continue (without any prodding), my daughter gave him her candy!  He greedily snatched it away with the Dad having to make him say thank you but my daughter smiled and turned to me and said "I love to share Mom".  Now that made my heart melt and oh the joy of seeing your little one be so unselfish and generous even to an undeserving kid lol.

Teaching her thankfulness and saying thank you was one of the first lessons I ever taught her!  That is crucial - if you can get them to understand being thankful, then half the battle is won!  A thankful heart complains less of what they don't have and loves more.

This year we will learn a character trait once a month until it is fully grasped in day to day life.  

Daily prayer with our children and FOR our children is key.  I taught my daughter to pray when was very young.  I constantly ask her to do the prayer for the meal because it helps her get more familiar with speaking to God.  How do you teach a child to pray?  I simply taught her by saying "You talk to God just like you talk to me or a friend".  She really grasped that and sat in her bed that night talking to God.  Whenever she would get hurt or sick, we would pray and now its to the point if she hits her toe on the door, she immediately calls out to Jesus for healing lol. Yes, she knows who the Great Healer is!!!!  She has witnessed God's miraculous healing in my life and even her own life.  He has healed her of a lot of things on the spot and it has strengthened her faith.

Not only teaching them to pray but praying for our children is something we must do daily.  Before she was even born, I was praying for her to accept Jesus one day.  I've prayed for her every day (may have missed a day every now and then when sick,etc.) since she was born.  Some nights I've been so tired and just lay down and she comes to me and says "Mommy! You forgot to pray on me, I need you to pray on me." and that just melts my heart.  Many a nights, I have laid in her bed till she fell asleep and just watched her sleep and cried and called out to God for help in living the life before her daily and teaching her the ways of the Lord.

There is so much to be said about the subject of raising daughters in the admonition of the Lord. This is just a short introduction to Training Daughters and I hope to post about it again one day in the future.   A final note - God has entrusted you with the care of your daughter, let's not let him down!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Various Thoughts on Teaching our Children

Hubby and I were talking before church about how it 'used to be' different in public schools.  Coming from a small town in TN, we still had prayer over the intercom - prayer groups and Bible clubs.  Most of the teachers had a reverence for God and/or morals.  Today, those kind of men and women are far and in between. 

Church tonight was wonderful!  Pastor preached for a while and talked about how we can't go back on God!  Towards the end he started talking about when he grew up in school, how they PRAYED, you could talk about God and the teachers cared for the students and had morals!  Then he contrasted it with today - he talked of how they have taken the spirituality out of the schools and look what we have now and what kind of kids those schools are producing!  Not just tonight but last week's Bible study, Pastor had spoke on teaching our children about God at home. 

It is either, my mind is so much on school now that I'm noticing the increase in talk about teaching children or that God is urging His people to speak up about it!  Times have changed and people need to wake up and honestly ask God if what they are doing with their children is really what God wants and do they have scripture to support sending them to the God-hater/homosexual/liberals to be taught?

God can protect our children but at the same time we don't just throw them in the lion's den, do we?  I think once my daughter is well established in the Bible and we have taught her the precepts of God (like he commands) - she will make her choice one day but she won't be able to say that we didn't teach her about God and what the Bible says!!  My hands will be clean - I made that promise to God years ago and he opened my womb and gave her to me and that is why I'm so careful as to each aspect of her life.  I want to raise Godly seed for my Lord!  I may be raising the wife of a future leader of God!  Who knows what God will use her for.  I've prayed for her since before she was born - that she would get saved early in her life and do something great for God and that the Lord will give her a wonderful, honest, faithful, Godly husband one day.  I still pray that. 

The verse God gave me when he opened my womb is a verse, in which, he was speaking unto Abraham, but through the Holy Spirit, God spoke it to me as he reversed my sterile womb and gave me a child to raise up for Him:

Gen 18:19

"For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment"

God let me know he knew me that I would teach her right and I won't let God down!!  Oh, to be a tool in the Master's hand!  I couldn't ask for a greater calling but to raise children for the Lord!  I'm almost getting into my next post on Motherhood, so I better stop here lol.

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Gov't Decides How Faithful Your Child Can Be

A 10yr old girl in New Hamshire was deemed a bit too faithful.  The court ruled and they want her 'dirtied up' a bit by forcing her to attend public school.  Even the court knows how you get the Godly, faithfulness influence rubbed off of kids - send them to public school! 

"the court acknowledges that the girl in question is doing well socially and academically, but he adds that the court went too far when they determined that the girl's Christian faith was a "bit too sincerely held and must be sifted, tested by, and mixed among other worldviews."

Read the full story here:

Note to the Godless Gov't: Stay away from my kids!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mandatory Masturbation Lessons for 5yr Olds!?

Hey all you public schoolers..........guess what!?  Not only can you send your child to learn from ungodly teachers all subjects, but now you could possibly in the future let those teachers train your child in masturbation from Kindergarten on up!  Oh, how lovely and great to know your child is safe in the hands of the public school teacher.  I'm sure they are learning wonderful Godly things and they got all that socialization - after all, what's another pregnant teenager in our church anyway?  We got to expose them.....too much sheltering and they might actually remain a virgin till they are married! OH THE HORRORS! 

We got our own life, we can't be bothered with teaching little ones.  Who cares that the Bible repeatedly told us and showed us by Godly examples to train and teach our own children?  Surely God knew that our kids our safe in the hands of the public school system - he is OK with them taking his name out and taking out prayer each day too.  I mean, just go with the flow!  Everybody is doing it and maybe they will win the evil kids to God.  Ya what a great concept..........I can have my day free (it's all about ME anyway!) while my kids learn from heathens!  Isn't that wonderful?? 

I hope you know I was being facetious! =0  Yes, I think I got my message across.  Here is the news story, I first saw it from Marie-Anne, thanks Sis!,2933,543203,00.html?test=latestnews

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stay Away From My Kids

A voice for many - a voice of truth and common sense. I'm loving this voice of the American people that is sounding out against this Socialistic agenda - and like this man says..........Stay away from my kids!!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Call to Dunkirk; Exodus Mandate

I posted this before a while back, but its a great refreshment to watch it again before this school year starts.

I saw this one today and though I can't stand the loud background music - it tells a truth. It is "The Government Schools are Killing"

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Children of Caesar

Voddie Bauchman has been a source of inspiration for our homeschooling decision. Not only does he tell the truth about the matter but uses the Word of God.  Does it not bother people that there is no scripture to support their sending their kids to learn from homosexuals, liberals, atheists and ungodly Teachers? You are saying "I trust that Teacher to teach my child". He uses the verse of scripture that basically says "your child will become like their Teacher". Can you confidently say that you want your child to be like their Teacher? Be careful WHO you entrust your children to learn from - and as Voddie says "If you take your children to Caesar for their education, you need to stop being surprised when they come home as Romans"

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dump Truck Slogan

While we were in New York visiting my husband's family, we came up behind this dump truck and the words we read on the back of it gave us a good laugh!!  I quickly grabbed my camera just in time to snap a pic:

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Happy 40th Anniversary Dad and Mom!

My parents have stuck together, fought battles together and lived through my upbringing LOL.  I celebrate the 40 years of your marriage and your commitment to make it till death do you part. 

I love you Dad and Mom, thank you for being an example of honest vows before God in the unity of each other!  May your marriage continue to be blessed as you uphold a standard that is not so popular in today's society.

Join me in wishing my parents a Happy 40th Anniversary today!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Homeschool Curriculum Poll and Feedback

I'm having seconds thoughts on my choice of curriculum for my daughter - the (free) online public school that uses K12. I re-visited the others I had in my mind a year or so ago and feel a tug towards Sonlight, and a few others such as Weaver. I'm seeking advice, recommendations, reviews - whatever you experienced homeschool Moms can give me! My daughter will be starting Kindergarten, although I think she is ready for 1st grade, since we have done preschool homeschool for 2 years. She loves doing workbook work and reading - she doesn't think its "school" unless there is something for her to do on paper with a pencil lol. She also loves hands-on science and even likes learning on the computer and has shown tremendous learning capability with that. I'm really trying to tailor the curriculum to suit her best. I'm at a many options and so many "types" of homeschooling - from the classical education I read about in "The Well Trained Mind" to the Weaver curriculum that ties all subjects together.

There have been so many roadblocks on getting her setup for the planned K12 program that I'm wondering if maybe God is trying to tell me something lol. I talked things over with Hubby and he is also preferring Sonlight because it fits our wants for our daughter where she will learn both sides of an argument - not being completely shielded from evolution, etc but knowing BOTH sides and why it is wrong. Some I have heard leave it out altogether. We really like what we have read about Sonlight, but before we dish out the $900, we want to hear from experienced homeschool Moms out there! ; )

I also want a Bible course to do daily throughout the year, which is included with some of the main Christian curriculum's already mentioned. I don't have much time left to make a choice - the school is set to start Sept 8th, so either do it or do my own.

Leave a comment and/or vote in my poll poll is now closed......thanks so much!

Poll results: "What Curriculum do you recommend?"

  4 (22%)
  7 (38%)
Christian Liberty Press
  3 (16%)
Verita Press
  0 (0%)
  1 (5%)
Bob Jones
  0 (0%)
  1 (5%)
Other (leave comment)
  3 (16%)

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Motherhood; Mothers of the Bible

You can read the Introduction to this series on Motherhood by clicking here.  I got the three names of Mothers from John Rice, however this post is in my own words and thoughts I received from the Lord.  

We are going to look at some of the Mothers in the Bible and glean wisdom and example from them.  What is truly amazing of these Mothers is their awesome love that reveals itself from the pages of the Bible as we read about them.  Could that be said of you as a Mother for your children?  Or do you push them away and want to be rid of them so readily?  Oh, how we need to return to Godly Motherhood!

If women could only understand the influence they have on their children and their future they would not take the role of Motherhood so lightly.  Will your chidren spend years trying to erase what you taught them and showed them by your life or will they rather build upon the Godly foundation that you laid? 

Jochebed, the Mother of Moses was a woman of wisdom.  She saw that Moses was a "goodly child" it says in the scripture - so she hid him.  At that time Pharaoh had ordered the death of all male babies.  Moses' Mother hid him from harm until he could no longer be hid.  Then she put him in an ark of bulrushes and sent him down the river.  Moses' Sister watched to see where he would go and you know the rest of the story of how Pharaoh's daughter discovered Moses and in the end, Jochebed was able to be a part in Moses upbringing.  We never read of Moses' Father having any part of his saving, just his Mother.  Oh to be a tool in the Master's hand!

Hannah, the Mother of Samuel was a wonderful example and testimony of fervent prayer and desire resulting in a miracle from the Creator of Life.  The Bible teaches us that being barren is an affliction.  It isn't something a woman of God desires or seeks.  A woman of God will want her womb to be blessed we find in the scriptures.  Hannah was barren and prayed to the Lord for Him to "look on the affliction of thine handmaid...give unto thine handmaid a man child.." 1 Samuel 1:10-11  It tells us that she was in "bitterness of soul...and wept sore" for a child from the Lord. 

Hannah wanted a blessing from her Lord.  She wanted to bear a child for the Lord.  Her barrenness wasn't a status symbol in that day as it is today in this feminist/liberal society. We don't read of women in the Bible seeking after the latest and greatest way to prevent birth, but rather weeping when one was faced with the affliction of not being able to conceive.  How backwards is this society we live in today!  Women, such as Hannah, had a heart to be a tool of God to bear seed raised up in the fear of the Lord.  Oh what a blessing to be a tool in the Master's hand!

Elisabeth, the Mother of John the Baptist was also barren.  Notice how Elisabeth and her husband, Zacharias, despite being without children - the Bible tells us that "they were both righteous before God, walking in the commandments and ordinances of the Lord BLAMELESS!"  Showing that even if you are barren, it doesn't mean you are any less righteous in God!  We learn in this story that not only was Elisabeth given the miracle of conception but she was chosen to bear a child who would become the greatest prophet as Jesus said:  "For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist"  Luke 7:28 WOW!  To be chosen by the Creator to bear such a child as this!  Who knows what your child will do for God.  Oh to be a tool in the Master's hand!

Just from these three examples of Godly Mothers in the Bible we can learn so much!  We as women, need to look upon these examples that God has given us and glean what we can from them.  What role models!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Children's Photos Online

I don't put pictures of my child online in public areas and am always amazed at how many women actually do this. I for one, have had too many personal accounts retold to me about how someone's child's photo has ended up on a multitude of things and even makes your child to possibly become the attention of someone.

Here is a recent story of a woman in Boston who found her child's photos on craigslist in an ad for adoption. They had gotten the photo from the woman's blog:

I was approached when my daughter was a baby to enter her into contests and the such. Although it was flattering and would have soothed my pride - I wasn't going to subject her to something that rates her merely on her looks and how cute she is based solely on vanity. Save your pictures for your friends and private groups online! As Mothers we should protect our children, not expose them! Did your child want to enter a contest on their looks? NO! It is the Mother wanting her child to be better than others and that mindset should not rest on a Godly Mother. If you make a practice of this, don't be shocked when your child becomes fixated on their looks. Oh how opposite we should be from the worldly mindset of vanity and pride. My children aren't for sale.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Printable August 2009 Calendar

Here is August's free printable calendar.  The theme is that of planning for fall/winter - canning, storage, etc. with KJV scripture.  Enjoy! : )

Calendar is no longer available

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