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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Contentment and Minimalism

I found a few great articles today on simplifying your life, which starts with learning to be content with what you have.  I've given away a lot of things this past week and moved a lot to storage to sell in a yard sale this summer too!  I'm so excited about this and feeling peace already with less things to take care of.  There are some things I want to buy to help organize and enable me to get rid of more things - for instance, having a storage cabinet for my crafts would eliminate all the little rubbermaid carts saving me more space.  I'm going through more things this week and wanted to share some great articles on minimalism.

Here is an awesome article on contentment:

Then here is an awesome 50 word summary of just what minimalism is:

Here is a list of other best posts on that website worth the read:

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Pure, Frugal and Godly

Saw this on another blog today and thought it was awesome!
For one, I care little for the government which presides at  Washington, in comparison with the government which rules the millions  of American homes. No administration can seriously harm us if our home  life is pure, frugal, and godly. No statesmanship or legislation can  save us, if once our homes become the abode of profligacy. The home  rules the nation. If the home is demoralized, it will ruin it. The real  seed corn whence our Republic sprang was the Christian households  represented in the Mayflower, or the family alter of the Hollander  and the Huguenot. All the best characters, best legislation,  best institutions, and best church life were cradled in those early  homes. They were the taproot of the Republic, and of the American  churches. - Theodore L. Cuyler 1822 – 1909

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My "Medicine" Cabinet

Not necessarily medicine but for classification purpose, I decided to go ahead and call it that because it is in a way - just not the traditional approach.  I will be updating this post and my sidebar as I stock up my cabinet.  I used to use so many herbal remedies and supplements years ago and now we are returning to a more alternative approach.

  • Astragalus - my #1 choice for improving my immune system; dosage: 1tsp daily
  • Echinacea - only taken 10 days at a time at the first sign of sickness; dosage: 1tsp 4x day when sick
  • Raw organic garlic - 1 clove a day for good health; 2 cloves a day when sick
  • Garlic oil - ear drops when have a cold or ear infection; dosage: 2x day when sick
  • Fish oil - from deep ocean waters not farm-raised fish!  Molecular distilled with no pcbs/dioxins and guaranteed purity and potency with no mercury; dosage: 1200mg daily
  • L-lysine - 1000mg daily when sick
  • Black Currant Oil - dosage: 500mg 2x daily for hair growth, skin and nails
  • Dr Weil supplements - currently taking his multivitamin daily
  • Cal-Mag supplement - taken at night for health and sleep
  • Pure Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C in powdered form) - 1/4tsp daily for health, more when sick
  • Pure Ascorbic Acid TOPICAL (Vitamin C in powdered form) - add a few drops of water with 1/4t powder and few pinches of baking soda and mix as a paste.  Apply topically to cold sores several times a day during an outbreak.
  • Melatonin - taken on nights I have trouble sleeping or need to reset my biological clock
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) - always cures my stomach ache or digestive issues!  dosage: 1tsp in 8oz water
  • Probiotics - combination of good bacteria that includes Lactobacillus GG; 5 billion per pill potency; dosage: 2x day when sick and DEFINITELY when on antibiotics!
  • Chamomile - used in tea for upset stomach or when I need to feel calm!
  • Peppermint - normally taken in tea for heartburn, stomach or digestive issues
  • Tea Tree Oil - any skin problems or fungal infections; I also use it in my all-purpose homemade cleaner

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Organic?

I have found that a lot of people don't realize what organic actually is.  They don't understand its how food used to be before the craving for more money took over.  Let me explain the basics of organic to you.

Food used to be normal and you wouldn't have much worry over eating it except in large amounts.  In the 20th century they started changing things and using chemical pesticides and antibiotics in animals. Then they came up with genetically-modified foods - this is the scary one!  They use radiation or chemicals to mutate a food!  They grow them in labs instead of letting them grow naturally.  Why you may say? Because they can get more grown that way and that means more money in their pockets no matter the harm it does to our bodies.

Now, if you want the good ole' fashioned food grown naturally and animals without antibiotics and chemicals in them - you have to buy organic.  Luckily the USDA provides a stamp certifying the food is organic.  There are some products that claim organic but if they don't have the seal - they don't have to meet certain standards and they very well could not be completely organic.

I admit I was a bit skeptical about it all until I tasted the difference!  We started with milk - we have drank regular milk (with all its antibiotic/chemicals) most of our lives.  Then I bought our first container of organic milk - Horizon.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  The taste difference was amazing!  It was smoother, tasted better and it didn't leave an aftertaste in my mouth that I was so used to with normal milk.  I was sold and then hubby tried it and he couldn't believe the difference either and we buy only organic milk now.

Imagine hundreds of cows shoved into a factory - so close together they can't even turn around.  Before them is a diet of corn, of which, their bodies were not made to digest and although it makes the cows fatter - it makes them sick.  So they have to be injected with chemicals/antibiotics because MAN wanted to make them fatter feeding them something their bodies can't even digest correctly!  Then you drink that concoction.

Leave it up to man to mess things up!  I prefer to drink milk that came from the cow in the field, eating grass - the normal cow.  He hasn't had any antibiotics because he isn't eating food that God didn't intend for him.

Did people ever stop to wonder why the increase in digestive diseases and mental illness in our culture the past 60 or so years?  Ever since they started these new methods with chemicals, antibiotics in animals and GMO's.......more and more people are getting Crohn's and irritable bowel and cancer!  Do you see the connection?  I think I do........though they claim drinking all that stuff is perfectly safe.

There is a documentary I watched and it really opened up my eyes: "Food Inc.".  I encourage ALL to watch this documentary!  Here is a preview:

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