Friday, January 27, 2012

Before/After 3rd Bedroom Closet Organize/Declutter

These are from the first week of January but I'm just now getting around to editing and uploading them.  You will notice that I removed the black storage unit on the right out of the closet, we are using it elsewhere in the house.  I also got rid of a lot of stuff and then stacked the blue bins in the back of closet so now its easier to go in there and get what we need for homeschool or crafts, etc.

I also used a cheap $6 clear/white shoe organizer to house a lot of our craft supplies - it is really handy!

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A True Friend

A True Friend

A True Friend knows your weakness, 
    But shows you your strengths;

Feels your fears,
    But fortifies your faith;

Sees your anxieties, 
    But frees your spirit; 

Recognizes your disabilities,
    But emphasizes your possibilities.

William A. Ward

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow/Ice Storm Photos & Update

God really blessed us through this whole storm.  While others went days without power, we had power and also while other's yards are filled with debris and trees and branches, ours wasn't!  I had prayed that God would shield our lot and not let any trees or branches fall on us and He answered my prayer!  Thank you Lord!

We only lost power for a few hours and it was actually a fun time for our family.  My husband and daughter built a fort outside with all the snow and then they built a medieval castle inside during the few hours without power.  We don't have internet or phone but even that has been a blessing because I read more and spent more time with my daughter just hanging out.  I'm using a friend's wifi right now, so I may not post for a few days until our service is restored.  Enjoy the pictures!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Storm & Ice Storm

In the almost 6 years that I've lived in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I've never seen it this bad.  First we got hit with about a foot of snow.  Then last night and this morning there are layers of ice so thick, I've never seen anything like it before.  We just watched part of a tree break in half and fall and its leaning and possible going to fall on a trailer a few doors down on the next street.  Our neighbor behind us has had branches hit his roof all through the night and this morning, we can hear it and its a scary sound!  I'm so glad our landlord removed the 5 tall, pine trees in our yard this spring!

We haven't had power in 6 hours, it did come on briefly early this morning but then went back off.  It's on now, so we are running the heat and hurrying to cook something to eat.  It was off last night for about 3 hours too.  There are others with no power till possible Saturday.  Say a prayer our electricity stays on and that we are safe from the falling trees!  It is currently still raining ice.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well-Arranged Time

Got this the other night in a fortune cookie, thought it was awesome and had to take a pic and share:

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prayer Request

Hello readers, sorry I've been missing for a week or so, besides turning another year older this past week, I also have been battling some health issues.  The good news was 2011 was the first year I haven't been hospitalized in 7 years!!  I also haven't seen my doctor since 2010!  The bad news is I've been sick for a few weeks, but this past week I've developed some new symptoms and today being the worst, I'm going in tomorrow for some tests.  I'm just asking for prayers - lift my name up for healing if you will, thanks! ;-)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eating Organic - Almost 90%

It's been a journey for us as we've gradually switched over to organic foods.  In the past few months, we finally made the switch to organic meat and cheese.  It was the most expensive switch but one that I think was the most important.  We immediately noticed the better taste and quality, especially with the grass-fed beef and cheese!

We are now about 90% organic and eating meat only on weekends has really improved our digestive systems and eased this all into our budget as well.  However, we still crave a hamburger occasionally and get take-out, but I want to keep that to 1-2 times a month.

We have learned a lot during the past few years of this transition and one is that we can no longer eat hot dogs without ill effects!  I also can no longer eat sandwich meat without getting intestinal issues.  I can however stomach the no-nitrate/nitrite, natural sandwich meat but we rarely eat it.  My daughter gets sick every time she gets a hot dog or corn dog seemingly anywhere, so we have just eliminated them from her diet.

The most expensive switch was the cheese.  Here is the cost rundown:

Non-organic cheddar = 20 cents per ounce
Organic, grass-fed cheddar = 34 cents per ounce

Non-organic mozzarella = 19 cents per ounce
Organic, grass-fed mozzarella = 44 cents per ounce

You will find that the biggest expense in eating organic, is generally the animal products, but it is also the most advantageous for your health.  If only man would leave what God created alone and quit trying to make a fast buck, we would all only be eating normal, God-intended grass-eating cows lol!  Oh but no, man wants to be rich and decides to shoot up the cows with growth hormones and feed them corn - which cows were not made by God to eat and they can't digest it - so they get sick.  Then man injects the cows with antibiotics because MAN made the cow eat something God didn't intend it to eat.  You see the problem here right?  It's time to get back to common sense.

Shredded cheese contains an additive that makes it not stick together, cellulose, which is indigestible!  If you shred your own cheese, you won't have to worry about it, sometimes convenience puts your health at risk, which do you hold as a priority?  Imagine if we all switched to God-intended food and left the chemicals in the laboratories for the rats to die from.  Less rats and healthier people.........what a concept!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Declutter/Organize - Homeshool Room Video

I finished the homeschool room today as the first room on my declutter/organize mission.  It feels SO good to have it all very organized!  The papers are what took the longest, but now I have a better paper system I'm implementing.

At the end of the video, I did a demonstration of what I was talking about in this post of using a sheet protector and dry erase marker for the to do list.

I also took a few photos of the completion:

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I'm excited to start a brand new year and leave the past one behind us!  Isn't it amazing how so many feel that they really can "start over" again on New Years?  It gives us some sort of renewed spirit and power to try again at whatever we may have resolved to do and failed at.  I wish you all a wonderful New Year 2012 and pray that for all of us, it is a wonderful one!

A New Year With The Lord
A new year is about to unfold
With new opportunities to explore
Doors will open for new experiences
New adventures with the Lord

Remember not the former things
The things of this past year
The Lord will do new things in us
Much more than we are aware

For He will make a way for us
As we put our trust in Him
And He will guide our every step
By His presence we have within

What God has placed within our hearts
We find we’ll be able to do
If we look for the opportunities
We’ll see the door to go through

We mustn’t let anything hold us back
But rise up and take our place
And be all that God wants us to be
With a fresh touch of His grace

© By M.S.Lowndes

(Free to distrubute/use as long as unaltered and copyright left with poem)

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