Wrong and Wicked Words; Part 3

Today's interactive Bible study is going to be on Gossip! This is one area, where women especially, will need help on and prayer for. I started a study on Gossip a few posts ago and you can find it here:


Before we start this study, I think it should be added a very valuable truth. If you pray a guard about your mouth daily, with the Lord's help you can keep your tongue in control! Not only will you not be guilty of the SIN of gossip, but your house will be cleaner and more organized, simply because you won't have much to gad around town about! What a concept.......mind your own business and do your work. (1 Thess 4:11)

Gossipy Words

Gossip is a terrible weapon of destruction. The person who uses this weapon loves to reveal very personal or sensational facts about a person (and of course this person is never present when the gossiper spreads these rumors). The gossiper loves to do anything except mind his own business!

According to Proverbs 11:13, a talebearer _________________ secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit ______________________ the matter.

There are some things that we are told or that we know about that are not meant to be repeated. There are some things that if said would only hurt and harm. Have you ever heard someone say to you,

Don’t tell anyone that I said this...?

If it is not worth repeating then it is probably not worth saying in the first place! In spreading gossip, sometimes the gossiper pretends that it is with great reluctance that he speaks--that he is

grieved to even repeat this, but...!

If he were really grieved, then he would keep his mouth shut!

Are there some things that we should not repeat (Proverbs17:9)?__________

Have you ever bitten someone in the back (see Proverbs 25:23)? Of course when the Bible speaks of a "backbiter" it does not mean this in a literal sense. It means that you talk about a person in a bad way when his (or her) back is turned (when the person is not present). Would the backbiter dare say those things if the person were present? _______

Can words of gossip hurt someone (Proverbs 26:22)?________ In this case a wound is inflicted even though no blood is drawn and no outward hurt is seen.

There is a simple way to kill gossip. Gossip can never survive unless there is someone to listen to it. The problem is that most people enjoy hearing the latest rumor and they eagerly devour the latest gossip. They are as guilty as the one who gossips.

Here’s a suggestion the next time someone begins to share gossip with you. You can say,

My friend, let’s go to this person that you are talking about and let’s share this with him (her), and then after we share it all three of us can get down on our knees and pray about it!

Do you think this person would make it a habit to share gossip with you?

We must be careful never to gossip and never to receive gossip from others. Don’t give it out and don’t take it in!

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