Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ABC's of Being a Helpmeet

A - Admit when you are wrong
B - Be positive
C - Cuddle
D - Do it his way
E - Encourage him
F - Fix his breakfast
G - Give back rubs
H - Hug often
I - "I love you" should be said many times daily
J - Joke around in a playful manner
K - Know his needs
L - Listen to him
M - Manage your home well
N - Never hold grudges
O - Open your eyes in the morning and smile
P - Pray for him
Q - Quit nagging him
R - Reminisce about good times
S - Show respect and honor
T - Trust, and earn his trust
U - Understand his need for reverence
V - Vulnerability is a feminine trait; cultivate it
W - Wink at him
X - X is for private times
Y - Yearn to please him
Z - Zealously guard him with your love

This list was sent to me, by my friend Shannon. Author is unknown.

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TO BECOME said...

This is a very good list. I have been married 45 1/2 years and I know.lol Thank for you visit to my blog. you are welcome anytime. I will be coming back to see you. connie from Texas

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Connie! Congrats on your 45 1/2 years of marriage!! =)

Shalene said...

I liked this very much! Thanks for posting it. I need to find more stuff like this for my website. :) Blessings to you sister. (I haven't quit blogging, just in case you were wondering.) :) I would love to hear your thoughts on my newest post, because I could really use some good advice and suggestions. It's about daughters and college educations. http://mep31wannabe.blogspot.com (Pretty, please???)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Sure I will go check it out and email you. Thanks for your comment!

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