Wrong and Wicked Words; Part 4

Boastful Words

Boasting is telling how great someone is. There is nothing wrong with boasting in and of itself. For example, we can boast in the Lord and tell how great He is! The problem comes when we use words to praise ourselves and tell others how great we are! This is sinful pride!

Some very helpful advice about boasting is found in Proverbs 27:2

Let another man _______thee, and not thine own _____________.

Praise is a beautiful garment, but though you may wear it, ANOTHER MUST PUT IT ON! Here is an example from the New Testament. Humble John the Baptist called himself "UNWORTHY" (Matthew 3:11) but Jesus called him the "GREATEST" (Matthew 11:11). John wore the garment of greatness, but he did not put this garment on himself. The Lord Jesus put this garment on him!

Flattering Words

What is better and more needful, rebuke or flattery (Proverbs 28:23)? _____________

The person who flatters always says nice things. He says things that a person wants to hear and he is unwilling to say things that a person needs to hear. He would rather speak smooth things than rough things (he does not want to cause any waves or create any problems). Often a flatterer praises another person too much (and often the praise is untrue or exaggerated).

Suppose you had cancer. What do you think the doctor should say?

You are in excellent physical condition. Everything seems fine.
You have a deadly cancer growing in you that must be removed immediately!

The nice things and the pleasant things are not always the things we need to hear! In His Word God always tells us what we need to hear even if it is not what we would want to hear. A good friend is someone who tells us what we need to hear even though the truth sometimes hurts.

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