Friday, November 23, 2007

Drunk with Consumerism

Well it's "Black Friday" and most Americans were shopping today (except me lol). I looked online for a few deals I wanted but they were gone before I could even click on them to purchase! I saw so many deals for my daughter and photo printers for $10 that I felt that uneasy feeling in my stomach, that I refer to as the monster.

"What do you mean monster?" you may be saying. The monster of wanting to put things on a credit card. The "oh I will pay it off later.......this is just too good of a deal to pass up right now!" The one that subjects you to the chains of debt. However thank the Lord the words rang through my mind of lessons learned in recent years.....If you can't afford it, don't buy it!

How many people today whipped out the plastic? How many got drunk with consumerism today? I looked on a few news websites today to see what I expected to see: people getting into fights over deals, shoving each other, mass crowds lined up for hours to buy buy BUY!!!!! I gotta have it! I gotta get it! GIVE ME GIVE ME!

One of the saddest pictures I saw of this whole ordeal today was one of a small toddler asleep and slung over his mother's arm while she shopped and shopped and shopped, all the while ignoring the fact that her baby could use a nice bed! Chances are she woke him early from his bed to start the spending spree, caring for who?? Herself? The deals? Surely not her child.......

Well I will "try" and step off my soapbox now. I refuse to give into the mad rush of buying, most doing it on credit cards and piling up debt and pulling the chains of their slavery even tighter. Charge it!

My question is, What Would Jesus Do? Could you really see Jesus rushing into a store pushing others in a mad frenzy to get a deal? Nah, I didn't think so either. Can you hear Jesus saying "Charge it!?"

FYI: Mastercard reported their customers alone were spending 20 BILLION dollars TODAY!! Guess who is happy today? Can you say MASTER CARD?? =0 As Pastor Davis said in one of his classes: You are stupid if you pay interest! There is a lot of stupid people huh?

I saw a picture of 1 guy paying with CASH! It was so odd that they videoed it and put it on a clip online HA!!!!! I say for that guy YOU GO!! Way to only buy something you CAN AFFORD! ; )

"Oh are we going to afford to pay for all this stuff we put on the credit card today dear?" "Why honey, you can just get a job and put the kids in daycare.....!" "What a great idea, let someone else raise my kids so I can go work to have MORE STUFF!"

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Anonymous said...

We also went out for black Friday.We did not charge a dime!The man that was video taped may have been my hubby!Lol!We got alot of great deals.We go every year with my husbands brother and sister inlaw.The kids stay with the grandparents.
We`ve gone through many hard times due to debt and we have learned alot.If we can`t pay cash we don`t buy it!Hope you hade a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

mom211911, so great that you bought stuff you COULD afford!! You are one of the few today who didn't charge it according to some credit card companies reports lol.

Way to go! ; )

~~Deby said...

This was so good..I refused to go out...I was out of town...and let my daughter and SIL go out while I watched my grandsons..and they are so frugal ....they did not spend the day gone and keep their Christmas to a minmimum....
I used to love this season...but you know the world really has gotten ahold of it...and it almost makes me feel yucky inside for lack of a better word.....
Can I you go to the Victorian Country Christmas in our area of the world?
I went last year and the shows were wonderful......
Thinking about it this year...
God bless you you just tell it like it is on your blog.
Deby husband gave me a Christmas budget..ALL credit...PTL!!!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for your comment Deby! I've never heard of the Victorian Country Christmas but it sounds lovely!

Unknown said...

I would like to give another point of view........we use our credit card for almost everything that we can put on it. The reason is for the miles and we get 2 to 3 free airline tickets per year. For the record....we pay off the card every month. Since we use our credit card so much we check our account online weekly, and if payday is that week, it gets paid. I did go out Friday morning, and only got what we already had in the budget.

But what you are talking about is so many people put stuff on the card planning on paying it off someday. At one time we were there, but God has opened our eyes and now only use the card for the miles. If we don't have the money set aside now, we don't get it.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Darilyn you are doing something that most people don't do lol. If you are disciplined enough to pay the card off every month before interest accrues then it seems you would be responsible in using one as you are from what you said.

If only most Americans did what you did simply for miles....but we can see in today's society that is sadly not the case LOL.

Way to go on sticking with it and only buying what you can afford!

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