Monday, November 19, 2007

Points in Favor

I had read the following true story right before church tonight, I actually had been reading a lot on anger (don't ask lol)....from books to online articles and came across this and I saved it. When Pastor preached tonight, he talked for a while about anger and then this came back to my mind!

Points in Favor

When John D. Rockefeller ran the Standard Oil Company, one of his senior executives made a mistake which cost them over $2 million. Most of the other executives thought Rockefeller would come down on him 'like a ton of bricks.' But, they were wrong! Before he called the man in, he sat down, took a notepad and wrote across the top of it - points in favor of this man! Then he listed the man's virtues, including how he'd helped the company make the right decision on other occasions and earned them millions in profits.

One of the senior executives who witnessed it, later said, "Whenever I'm tempted to 'rip into' someone, I force myself first to sit down to compile a list of the good qualities they have. By the time I've finished, I have the right perspective and best of all, my anger is under control. I can't tell you how many times this habit has prevented me from committing one of life's costliest of mistakes - losing my temper! I recommend it to anyone who must deal with people."

Author Unknown

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Anonymous said...

Wow...that was awesome. Talk about words to live by.

Sis. G

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for your comment Sis G!

~~Deby said...

this is so good..I can tend to see the cup 1/2 empty instead of 1/2 full and that translates into the same kind of thinking in many areas.....this was a great reminder..thank you for this...
Happy Thanksgiving to you and are a blessing to me...

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you so much Deby!! =)

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