Pro-Life vs. Pro-Death

What a coincidence! A few hours after I posted my last post concerning bearing children, I get a call from a lady that is doing a political poll. She asked me if I was "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life". What she should really say is am I Pro-Life or Pro-Death! Come on! Either you let the baby live or you kill's really that simple!

My husband saw a bumper sticker a few months ago and even to this day we haven't forgot it. Here is what it said:
If it isn't a baby, then you aren't pregnant!

What a truth that is! The whole stance on pro-abortionists is that it isn't a living thing yet, that just don't jive with God. Abortion is still MURDER, no matter how pretty you want to paint the picture.

If you didn't want a baby, if it's going to mess up your life then you know what!? KEEP YOUR PANTIES ON GIRLFRIEND!