I just want my Mommy!

-->If you are a single mom and must work, don't take this post offensively! It is not meant for those who are unmarried and have no husband to support them.

Growing up there was one thing that I really wanted the most.....my Mommy! My mom didn't work till I started Kindergarten. She claimed the reason she started working was because of us (the kids) and that she wanted to buy us "stuff". So off to work she went and it was detrimental to me.

All through my school years, I would get off the bus....walk up the long driveway to a quiet and lonely house, anticipating my Mom's arrival home from work. However, instead of receiving her embrace and love when she entered the door.....she just wanted us to go away! She had had ENOUGH of people for one day, she was exhausted......LEAVE HER ALONE was the cry that so often rang through my ears.

Complaining ensued of what happened at work and how hard she worked and how she just wanted some rest. I felt like I was in the way, like I was a bother. I would often go on long hikes through the woods and neighborhood just to get out of that house I told myself. (It is by the grace of God that no one ever did anything to me as I was alone walking the streets lol).

I loved the weeks my Mom had off for vacation from work. That is when she was her best! She would plant flowers and cook us filling meals and was so much more happy and loving! I dreaded the day she had to return to work and wished I could somehow keep her home with me.......but she was doing it for "us" was the explanation.

For us? The stuff didn't mean anything to me! I would rather have not had much at all and have MY MOMMY! I wanted my MOM... not the stuff!!!

In recent years, my Mother realized what she had done and she now says she was WRONG in working and should have stayed home with us. She had saw the effect it had on me and she encourages me to stay home and be a MOTHER to my children! She supports me all the way. We can't go back and re-live those years but I can learn from her mistakes and not forsake my children for the almighty dollar!

If you are going to have them.....then raise them! They need YOU, not a babysitter and not a daycare. Do you really think money is more important than your own children??? What is wrong with your mind WOMAN??

The old excuse does NOT work on this blog! "We can't make it on one income" is hogwash! Thousands that are doing it drown out your cries of "can't".

Choose this day who you will forsake.......your children or your "career". It will have lifelong consequences...