Clearing Things Up

You would think people would read my sidebar where it states I don't post for debates and I don't approve comments as such. Yet, you always have those who want to stir up whatever they can.....sigh. CLEAR up what others may have took to mean something else let me make myself clear on the bearing children issue. Since I have received many comments from both sides and accusations, of which were grounded on them not reading the ENTIRE post or other posts about the same topic......let's set my stance straight here:

I do not take birth control pills.

I personally, don't take birth control and believe its wrong especially when taken with the motive of "I don't care what God wants, I'm not having kids" attitude. Take that up with him, but as for us, we don't take the actual pills because of research that shows it can kill an actual pregnancy and you won't even know it. I don't want to risk killing a fertilized egg and I don't care how you think they are safe.......I don't even want to get near the gray area!

Next, I also do not stand with those who let the babies come whenever. God has a plan, and wants us to use wisdom and do things according to HIS will. You should seek God in all things.

Also if the mother would die or is medically unable to bear a pregnancy, then HELLO should not try for one. There are methods that do not have chances of killing already fertilized eggs that you can use to prevent pregnancy in these situations and when it isn't God's timing. Those methods, I agree with.....I don't think we really need to go into detail about that.

I have prayed over the years to have children when it is God's will and ONLY when it is his will. Our first child was purely at a time when God opened my womb! I was sterile and unable to have children but after praying, God blessed and my miracle baby was born! HALLELUJAH!

Of course when I say God's will, I'm talking about the is his will for women to bear children but I also want to do it in HIS timing, when it is right.

So there you have it.....and no I didn't publish the comments and most of the time I don't even finish reading them if the first few words are debate-style. Just stating where I stand, so there is no confusion.