Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The "Diva" Mentality

From MySpace profiles to show the world how "sexy" you are to malls filled with exposed flesh.......the "diva" mentality has taken the world by storm. Satan has done a wonderful job on getting young people to focus on their bodies and sex rather than modesty, purity and Godliness.

Let me commend you, Mother, for the great job you are doing! Not only do you let your child put her suggestive photos online but you join her! What a role model! Kudos to you for raising a diva. For teaching her what's really important in life.

Oh Christian woman, aren't you Miss Thang! Look at you.....you are so sexy and must let the world know just how HOT you are. Profiles full of ill clad women and men are your friends and you cry "I am a Christian!"

--> Please stop insulting God by calling yourself a Christian! It's high time Christians today start sounding off against such FILTH and perversion and cry out for HOLINESS! A Christian woman will not want to be "showy" and try and tell (and prove) to others just how sexy and hot she is. That isn't a Godly mentality that is a diva mentality and worldly; carnal!

The world is full of diva's.......full of women who want to be lascivious and show off their goods. Do you want to send your children to hell? Let them have a myspace and I'm sure satan will get a foot in your house! What's so bad about it is the cry........have you seen the news lately??? Even the media cries out against it's wickedness! My own Pastor has preached against the junk 3 times that I know of!

Satan is out for KEEPS!!!! He will snare you and you think you are too big for him to touch you, then he probably already has you. You can't even be MOVED by the awfulness of SIN anymore! You think it nothing to see movies filled with lewdness and others having sex. You don't feel the urgency of eternity anymore. WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!

The world is at enmity with God.......it is God's enemy! You want to be in it? Quit looking and eating at the tree that God says LEAVE ALONE!!!!

James 4:4

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

There is a day when God says I've had enough! Run home before its too late......don't let compromise come into your home! Be steadfast and kick the devil out! Kick the diva mentality to the curb and show some shamefacedness and chaste behavior! I wonder how many diva's in hell would tell you if they could just where it got them!?

I felt compelled to post this and warn others! It seems like clothes keep getting tighter and lesser, even in the church house......what a SHAME! It's in your heart.....you need to get it out!  I won't stand for it and as long as my daughter is under my watch, she will NOT be a part of that filth nor dress like the world! After she leaves my watch, its up to her but I pray and hope that she sees her parents steadfastness in God and his standards and not wavering and accepts God early on.

Do you think you can take that fire in your bosom and not get burned?? Where are you? What road are you REALLY traveling on? Have you let compromise come into your heart?

2 Cor. 13:5

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

A man went to an acid factory and asked the man in charge "Sir, where do your most casualties take place at?" He continued and said "Is it in the hands of them new ones; newcomers coming in? Is it in their hands because they don't know how to handle it?" The man said "No Sir. I'll tell you where the casualties are. It's among the elder ones that's been here for years. It's because they thought because they been around it so long, they can handle it however they want."

Oh Cain....Am I my brother's keeper?? YES I AM!!!!!

-->I felt so compelled today to post this and the last post. It was like a burning on the inside and I have no idea why but GOD KNOWS! For whatever reason, I had to put all my chores down and post these.....you won't wake up in hell and say "How did I get here?!" You will KNOW.....your mind will race back and you really do know. We know when we let sin in, a little ungodly movie here and little fleshly lust there, those images and worldly ways stick in the recesses of your mind whether you realize it or not. They breed those seeds that could destroy you or your family one day. I've been there!!!!! I've let it in! I'm not without fault people! That is why I'm so adamant about certain things. You will live with lifelong consequences of the choices you make! I'm living with my mistakes and bridges that I burned and it's hard sometimes. God brought me out of Egypt and I don't want to go back! The glitter and luster of this world doesn't shine so bright to me anymore......I don't want it!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!

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Tracy said...

Amen! Great Post, Bev!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Tracy.


Anonymous said...

Great food for thought or prayer! My prayer has been, Oh, God put holiness in my heart! It can be difficult, in my household we are not on the same page, and worldliness is pumped in via, ungodly music, movies. Pray for those ladies whose husbands don't come to church, or are not Christians, because I am finding out firsthand it is not an easy road. But I must run on, and thank God, it's not anything too bad (like booze, drugs, or porno, I haven't had to deal with that). We have no children either, for which I am thankful now, since I am walking this different sort of road (I've been married 18 years). God is good and faithful, and I'm so glad for a wonderful church that preaches the truth, and helps in so many ways, and for friends and leaders who guide us along the way, and the HOLY GHOST, to lead in the way everlasting!! Whew! Well, let me get off the bandwagon, I appreciate your blog, keep on the firing line!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Anonymous (not sure your name?) for your comment! I know it MUST be hard to have a spouse that doesn't follow the same road spiritually! God is there with you and that is what you can rest in.

I assume you go to NTCC? Thanks for stopping by and the song "Keep on the Firing Line" is actually my favorite and has been for years! ;)


Toni said...

Thank you so much for this post Bev!!May Gid bless you for your obedience to His word and for answering the call He has put on your heart to blog about this today:)
I have to say that this is a huge struggle in alot of peoples lives!
I agree with anonymous as well.I also have an unsaved husband and my children are exposed to alot of things that I,and Gods word do not approve of.All I can do is pray that God will help me to raise my children up in His ways and His truth!He will:)
As far as clothing goes,we gals gotta sew our daughters clothing,I think.I am so greatful that longer skirts are out in the stores now!The shirts and pants are terrible though!Why on earth does a little four year old need hip huggers?I don`t understand what theses parents that allow their daughters to dress this way are thinking!And baithing suits?We need to be in prayer every time we go shopping for clothing.
Anyway,thanks again for this post Bev!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Your welcome Toni and thanks for your comment! Clothes are getting ridiculous lately and I went shopping last week to 2 different malls and could find NOTHING. I had to go to a secondhand store to find some decent modest styles.


candy said...

Hi Bev,
I just found your blog recently and bookemarked it to come read when I have time and so tonight I had time and I am really enjoying it. I found this post and you know what, in my almost 3 years of blogging, I think this is my favorite post Ive read!
You spoke my heart here. I have been screaming this on the inside especially when like you said, seeing it in Church!!! People calling themselves Christian yet they dont dress, act, talk etc of someone who is trying to be more and more like Christ each day ..because thats what being a real Christian is...trying to be more like Christ each day. And so if a person is claiming to be Christian but their out there doing all the wordly things, well they are no different than the rest of the world. And I wish more true Christians that are trying hard to live right and pure (not that "true" Christians ("true" for lack of better word) are "better" but at least they are trying) to live more godly. Its not easy being a Christian nowadays. It takes guts! Guts to stand up to the world, to be different and to be able to stand firm in your beliefs and to not "fit in". Because once ya try hard to start living pure and right, the world including friends and some family are not going to accept you so ya have to stay strong.
We so badly need solid Christian lady mentors in the Church these days. Ladies that are firm about modesty. We so badly need preachers who are willing to step on toes and really preach it and not be scared to blow off his conregation! One of the problems in the evangelical church today is that the big congregation sare filled with baby Christians who maybe dont live and breathe Gods word every day and instead they are living like the rest of the world and they dont see the harm in dressing skimpy, in watching movies over rated G, in social drinking etc etc etc.
How badly we need people to stand up and say it is wrong!!! Bring back HOLINESS like you said! Oh how we need it!!! God is a HOLY God. I just appreciated this post so much, I cant even tell you.
Keep it up please!!!! We need more posts like this for sure.


Christian Homekeeper said...

Candy, that was a HUGE coincidence that you happened to comment on this post! I was actually going to post a new post about this one and add some things. I'm working on it but so great that you chose to read it tonight. What you said is right! The great thing about it is that I have found a church that has a Pastor that will get up there and preach against it. He just did this past Sunday lol. I will blog more on that soon! ;)

Thanks for your comment and so glad that you found it helpful.


Anonymous said...

I was reading Candy's comment and it just really have felt like a great comfort; Having a bad day today and I came here to read some posts and just really reading this post just makes me go...wow...as Christians as women, how far away have the world gotten from what God has planned for us.

I had some upsetting things that happen today and as I read this, I can't tell you how much comfort this did give and it's raised some questions (good ones) that I'm struggling with right now.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for your comment Twinkle Mom! So glad that you found comfort and hope things get better for your situation you had today.


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