Sunday, August 24, 2008

Will You Murmur?

Is not Christ your treasure?
Is not heaven your inheritance—
and will you murmur?

Have you not much in hand, and more in hope?
Have you not much in possession, but much
more reserved in heaven—
and will you murmur?

Has not God given you. . .
a changed heart,
a renewed nature, and
a sanctified soul—
and will you murmur?

Has He not given you. . .
Himself to satisfy you,
His Son to save you,
His Spirit to lead you,
His grace to adorn you,
His covenant to assure you,
His mercy to pardon you,
His righteousness to clothe you—
and will you murmur?

Has He not made you. . .
a friend,
a son,
a brother,
a bride,
an heir—
and will you murmur?

Has not God often turned. . .
your water into wine,
your brass into silver, and
your silver into gold—
and will you murmur?

When you were dead, did not He quicken you?
When you were lost, did not He seek you?
When you were wounded, did not He heal you?
When you were falling, did not He support you?
When you were down, did not He raise you?
When you were staggering, did not He establish you?
When you were erring, did not He correct you?
When you were tempted, did not He support you? and
When you went in dangers, did not He deliver you?—
and will you murmur?

What! you who are so highly advanced and
exalted above many thousands in the world?
Murmuring suits none so badly as saints.

Thomas Brooks 1608 - 1680

I was reading this tonight and WOW!  May we not murmur or complain but always be thankful for what we have and always know "it could be worse"!  Thank God for all that he has given us!

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Linda said...

Hi, Bev. That was a thought provoking poem. I didn't quite get Mr. Brooks last line though. I would think that murmuring would be least becoming of those called the "saints." Perhaps he was being sarcastic. I do think there is a world of difference between murmuring, which is what the children of Israel did in the wilderness, and taking your cares to the Lord- the One who cares for you, and laying them there at His feet.
Hope you have a nice Sunday. We will be going back to Dollywood soon.


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Linda! I thought the last line meant it suits the saints badly, but maybe I was reading it wrong. Either way, it was a good poem and the message was convicting to me and made me really think.

I also will be going to Dollywood soon! I haven't posted about that yet, but hey maybe we can meet up! :)


Toni said...

Thanks for sharing this poem Bev!! It really does make you think and is very convicting!! I plan on e-mailing this to some friends:) Blessings!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I know was very convicting to me and made me pray! Thanks for the comment Toni! :)


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