4 Bag Laundry Sorter

I love my Laundry Sorter! I bought it a little while ago and it is one of my favorite things for homekeeping now. Not only are the bags super sturdy, but they are each their own bag that can be lifted by the handles and taken wherever you need them. Also, because each bag is separated on its own, it can hold more weight than some I have seen where all the bags are connected. I was amazed that each bag could fit just as much as one my normal laundry baskets! It is also chrome and not plastic, which makes it more durable and thus would last you a lot longer than some of those cheap plastic sorters.

It also has wheels and is easy to move around the house. However, I keep mine in the laundry room because I find it fits best there and is right across from my washer, so all I have to do is grab a load from a bag and wash. I've shown my husband what each bag is for and he has been using the system and no longer do I have to sort through piles of clothes on laundry day!

Here are the categories for my 4 bags:
  • Whites
  • Colors
  • Delicates
  • Hubby's Work Clothes
We keep our towels in the bathroom in their own laundry basket, because I don't want to put wet towels in my cloth laundry bags! Also for kitchen rags and cleaning rags, I have always kept those under the sink in a bucket and when its full, I wash them. I normally do laundry on Monday's, so once a week.

I highly recommend this Laundry Bag Sorter. It is made by Mainstays and sold at Wal-Mart. It was just a little over $30 but has already proven to be money well spent!