Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 1

I'm going to start the photos from when I became a Christian and started keeping my hair uncut and letting it be long. I started with chin-length red hair (that was dyed lol). This was in 1999:

I was 19 and in the USAF at the time. I had just met my (future) husband and started going to church. Right before I got saved, I got a perm in Hawaii (while on vacation there). The perm was a flop and only left a wave really. Here is a photo of the perm:

Back then, I didn't know anything really about hair care. I had always just shampooed and conditioned and sometimes just used a 2-n-1 when I was working in the Air Force. When I got the perm, I started using gel and letting it air dry. I hardly ever blow dried my hair anyway. It's funny now that I think about it, but I was notorious for wearing my hair wet till it dried to church and around town lol.

I started to ask around and read books to learn more on how to take care of my hair, since I knew God wanted me to leave it uncut and let it be long to honor my head (my husband), and it is my covering (and glory) and also for the angels as the Bible commands.

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candy said...

This is so neat, Im so excitied!!!!!
All your pictures remind me of me!!! LOL. I dont know why but I guess because over the years we have had the same hair styles :)


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Candy! I've been typing so much today that I feel like I'm back in Bible College typing out my class notes lol. =0


Dawn said...

Your perm looked great with your hair length like that.
Growing up my mom made me get a perm twice a year, but it wasnt one of those pretty perms like you was the kind that made my head look like a bush and it made me look just like my mom! Ugh! I think when I was 12 or 13 I firmly told my mom 'no I am not ever getting another perm again!'. And that was the end of those :-)


Christian Homekeeper said...

I've had other perms when I was younger in my teens and one of them was a bush like you were describing lol.


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