Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 2

So began the "letting my perm grow out" process. At the time, I was still learning about hair and didn't practice what I practice now. So I started curling my hair all the time with rollers. I used those Caruso steam rollers (ya'll remember those? I still have them lol). Within a year my hair had grown past my shoulders and was very light on the ends from the perm (perms lighten your hair in case you didn't know that):

You can see that parts of my perm wouldn't curl with the steam rollers above, so it was odd but got better, wait and see in future posts! I started to PRAY for my hair, seriously......pray for your hair!

I only washed my hair on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays! That is the schedule I followed back then. I started to NOT use hairspray at all around this time also after reading about its effects on hair. So all I used was shampoo and conditioner (at the time it was the Kirkland brand from Costco). I also didn't use a blowdryer, I let my hair dry naturally most of the time.

Here is a photo where it started to get a bit straighter and I started using regular hot rollers:

You can see that my ends were golden from the perm a year before and they were dry from the chemical processing but I dealt with it. This is around the time I started coating my hair (heavily) from root to ends with coconut oil! I had learned this from my Pastor's wife, she had long, beautiful thick hair and she shared with me that she puts it on her ends before she curls it. BUT.....I thought since most of my hair was processed, why not put it all over lol.

I did the coconut oil treatment every Monday and let it stay in there all day and washed it out the next. I did this for years (still practice it today) and it works! I think coconut oil is one of the best treatments for your hair and I didn't just dab a bit back then, I coated every strand on my head! But it worked and you will see in the next post how it helped my hair recover from the perm while it grew out!! That and prayer, my hair grew and became the best hair I ever had in my life!

I will be doing a product post towards the end with the products I recommend and use.

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candy said...

You both are such a cute couple :) I love these pics :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Aww, thanks Candy for the compliment! :)


Dawn said...

Coconut oil is a real blessing, it is used for so many things. My friend sent me a list one time of all the uses besides cooking and baking with it, but I lost it. :-(

I remember at the church in Kansas several of the sisters would pray over their hair for it to grow. They also used Mane and Tails and I don't know if that did anything, but it did make their hair softer and shiny. :-)


Christian Homekeeper said...

I've heard of others using Mane and Tail but it wasn't something I used, I think I tried it once years ago. But yes, prayer works! :)


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