Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 4

I told you all it was going to be a lot of posts, we are just now reaching the halfway point (I think lol). If you are just now coming to my blog, you have a lot of catching up to do! I had the Introduction post, then Part 1, 2 and 3 already! So get to reading.......I plan on going through this quickly because I have more posts for other topics coming next week. ; )

Last post, I ended with my hair being at the middle of my back in mid 2002. Now we jump to Nov 2003, one year later and also right after I had my baby. My hair grew SO MUCH while I was pregnant! It grew in one year, a whopping 10 inches! It also grew in jet black again with some of my hair towards the ends being dark brown.

As you can see it was long (to my backside) and shiny and healthy. It was like silk and I was still only using Finesse shampoo and conditioner with NO other products on my hair and letting it air dry and the occasional curling with hot rollers and still doing the coconut oil treatments, although sometimes it was only once a month.

I long to get pregnant again so I can grow some hair LOL. It was also thicker, because as most people know, you stop shedding hair when you are pregnant and then it is released after the birth of the baby and most people describe it as their hair falling out in handfuls. But don't fret, that is the normal process for hair with pregnancy and birth of a baby. You can google that, not really going to get into a big discussion on that right now.

So from Dec 1999 to Nov 2003, my hair went from my chin to my backside, that is just about 4 years time to get it that long. That is roughly 26 inches in 4 years of new growth; It was about 34 inches above at the time.

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Candy said...

GORGEOUS hair!!!!!
Thank you soo much for doing this series.
I am so going to do what you do AND grow my hair out.
Im in awe right now..... :)

Linda said...

Hey, you're hair is as black as mine(maybe blacker), and so shiny!
Thanks for sharing the photos. The one with your husband is a beautiful picture.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Candy! :) God didn't write in His Word that it is a woman's glory for nuthin' hehe. =0

Take a bunch of photos as you grow out your hair!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Linda, you should have seen it when I was a child! It was black as coal!! I also had very pale skin and got called Snow White and of course Casper haha. =0


Dawn said...

A good reason to get pregnant for ladies who want to grow their hair out. :-)

Your hair looks very healthy in this picture. Was it heavy for you or no?

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Dawn! It was not heavy at all and I didn't get headaches, I know that is what "society" claims, but it just isn't true lol. Thanks again.


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