Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 5

We left off with my hair after I had my daughter at the end of 2003 being at my backside. From here on, it didn't grow so quickly, and I believe it had to do with the fact that I grew 10 inches in a year, most of that during pregnancy! I guess it was taking a break lol.

So now we pick up towards the end of 2004, after I had lost all my baby weight (57 pounds!) and my hair was just a bit longer than my backside, I'm guessing it only great 4 inches the year after having my daughter. I was still doing the SAME thing with the Finesse shampoo/conditioner and NO hairspray and no blow drying (maybe occasionally but I don't remember) and those coconut treatments once a month, sometimes once every 2 months. I didn't need product in my hair still because it looked great after letting it air dry still and when I would hot roll my hair about twice a month, the curls would last days.

Now, I was posing in these photos at the time, to show off my 57 pound weight loss after having my baby, but this is what I found for that time period showing my hair:

This next one is funny because whether you can tell or not, my hair was actually thrown over the FRONT of my face lol. My husband had me do it, we were a bit crazy back then (still are lol). Nevertheless, it was a good shot of my hair at that time. I had shed the normal "after having baby" hair, so it wasn't as thick but then hair is very fine and thin, I just have a lot of follicles that sometimes make it look thick as I've said before in the Introduction post.

So now we have gone from Dec 1999 when my hair was at my chin to late 2004. That is roughly 5 years and my hair was past my backside, about 38 inches in 5 years.

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Candy said...

I just love it....

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Candy! I have so many more posts...I think I'm done typing for tonight haha. I will either do more later tonight or tomorrow, I got to go workout! :)


Jackie said...

Wow! It looks gorgeous! Alas, I have tried using no hairspray, and my hair is so heavy it won't hold any curl at all without it! I never could figure out how to get my hair to curl, until I started using hotsticks (hotrollers won't curl my hair), and I've heard the hotsticks are damaging, but I've been using them for about 11 or 12 years. BUT, my last perm really did my hair in, and it has a lot of breakage from that, so I almost never use a blowdryer on my hair anymore (I used to ALWAYs blowdry). I tried less hairspray, because I know that's not good for it, but my hair looked terrible!! (yours looks so gorgeous! that's great you can not use any and look so good!) I'm interested in your coconut oil treatments, though, maybe that will help my hair. I also am thinking of going a few months without curling it, and see if that helps out. Well, I'm writing a book here, thanks for sharing this information with us!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hey Jackie, thanks for the comment! I'm jumping ahead of myself a bit here, but back then I didn't use hairspray....since I got another perm, my hair won't hold curl and I seem to "have" to use hairspray, but its a long story......of which you will get to read once I finish all my posts lol. I used to use hot sticks but yes, they are very HOT shall we say hehe.....


LindaG said...

Thanks for getting your hair care posts up! I forgot about praying for my hair. I used to do that in the beginning when I first got saved and did a couple of years afterward for a short time. I've started the coconut oil recently but not the full saturation yet- which I'm looking forward to between taking care of the new baby. I think finesse might owe you something for making them look so good and vice versa, LOL!

Ticia said...

Wow I had some catching up to do !
You hair looks awesome!
I am trying really hard to grow mine out. As we have discussed mine is curly frizzy and unruly. So if you have any hints or tips for us curly haired girls or know someone who does don't be afraid to share !
Like you my hair grew like crazy when I got pregnant the first time and it continued to grow beautifully until I got pregnant a second time. It right at my hips and it just dried out and went to doo doo. So I lopped it all off. Tears ..... Spent several years destroying my hair with dyes and straightening treatments.
I chopped it off to my ears the summer of 06' and have been letting it grow -no dyes no straightening and it is now after just cutting about an 1-1/2 off for split ends it is right between my shoulder blades when it is dry.

I am totally going to try the coconut oil. Where do you find it?

I think I have been drying mine out with the hair gel and hairspray.

Thanks for letting me chatter on !

Christian Homekeeper said...

LOL LindaG! Thanks for the comment! :) I actually found were they sell Finesse, I had thought they took it off the market but they sell at Walgreen's!! So looks like I will go back to using it now that I'm growing out my perm.


Christian Homekeeper said...

Hey Leticia, thanks for the comment! :)

I will be getting into the curly hair thing because I did 2 perms the past few years, so that will be coming up! Curly hair is very delicate and has to be handled a certain way, but I'm getting ahead of myself here....its on the way in the next day or so!

Also.....Yes some gels and of course hairspray dries out your hair, even some conditioners, but I will get into all that too soon.


Dawn said...

One thing I have begun using is Johnsons' No More Tangles baby shampoo. Don't know if your hair gets tangled like mine, but this stuff really works for me, leaves my hair feeling like silk and normally I have lots of static in the winter from my hair. This shampoo has elimninated that problem. :-)
I also have the No More Tangles spray, to use in the mornings when I brush if I need it, but using that shampoo, I don't need it very often. :-)

God Bless!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comment Dawn! I actually don't get tangles very often, which brought something to my mind that I forgot to post about, so thank you lol. I left out a few things about conditioner and how long I leave it in my hair in the shower!


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