Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 6

We left off in Part 5, at my hair being at my backside and in the year 2004. In mid 2005, my hair grew to my mid thighs. It was super healthy, shiny and so easy to style and manage! Time did a story on me (if you didn't know, don't worry bout it!), and they did a few photo shoots too. The first picture below is from one of those photo shoots. I have cut out my daughter because I don't want her face online to the public.

The next 2 photos are me in a dress that my husband absolutely loved on me. He called it my "Lord of the Rings" dress. I still have it, its just a bit too small (for now) but hopefully will fit one of these days lol. Anyway, we are not concerned about the dress....*ahem*.....just the hair! I had washed my hair and left it in a braid to dry. I then took it down and that is the wave that you see in my hair.

This was the longest my hair has gotten, it was at about 50 inches here. I was doing the same thing with my hair as I have described in previous posts. Same shampoo, etc.

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Dawn said...

50 inches of! I should measure mine. Do you measure from the beginning of your head to the end? I know when I brush my hair every morning, I see it's to the middle of my uh, my ummm..butt...hee hee. :-)

What were you in Time magazine for? That's neat!

Love your dress by the way!

Have a wonderful day today!


candy said...

You have so inspired me to grow my hair out. I have never been inspired to grow my hair out THAT long before, but now I have!
You are so pretty by the way!
I didnt know you were in Times magazine. Now Im wondering if your famous or something and I dont know?? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn and Candy for your comments! :) No, I'm not famous haha, it was just a story about me and my life, they thought I was interesting, go figure!? Time is the one that owned the mag, and I had to sign Time's papers to release my info and story but it wasn't in the actual Time magazine, it was in one of their other mags. They own several...anyway, it was a few years ago, my 15 minutes left the building a long time ago lol =0


Anonymous said...

You have very beautiful hair!
I would love to have my hair long, but unfortunately during the last ten years my hair has been getting thinnner and thinner. I hate it that I can see my scalp when I look in the mirror!...Any who....If you have any tips how to get hair thick and healthy the way it used to be let me know!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Audrey for your comment! :)

My hair is very thin also, I just have a lot of hair but each strand is thin. Since getting perms over the past 3 years (you will see those posts after Thanksgiving) my hair has really thinned out from the chemical processing, so I sort of understand! I'm not sure what to do if you are thinning on your scalp. Make sure you are at a healthy weight as extra weight can cause hair growth/hair loss problems as can not eating correctly and not getting the right nutrition and stress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,
Thanks for your reaction to my comment. I do not perm my hair but have been colouring it for at least 13 years now. I am 35 years old and started going grey in my early 20's. I am not ready for a full head of grey yet (which is the way it is if I do not color it.
I'm looking forward to your following posts!

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