Hair Care 101; Hair Care Part 1

Here are some things I forgot to mention! Some of your comments brought them back to my memory, so thank you! : ) This will start the "Hair Care" posts, but I will also be finishing the "My Hair Story" ones as well. Just wanted to insert this in, since I forgot to include them in the first 6 posts.

When I put conditioner in my hair in the shower, I bend over, flipping my hair over my face and put it all over (lots of it) on all the hair, except the scalp. Then, I take a wide tooth comb (I keep one in the shower) and comb through my hair starting at the ends. Then I put my hair gently in a sort of bun (not tight at all, just loosely) at the back of my head and put a shower cap over it. I then wash my body, shave, etc, usually leaving in the conditioner for about 3-5 minutes. Then rinse and you can do your last rinse for a minute with very cold water, its supposed to add extra shine by sealing the cuticle but I don't always do the cold rinse.

Never, ever, ever, never lol..........use a brush on wet hair! If you must comb your hair after getting out of the shower, use a wide tooth comb!

Then a VERY important step that I failed to mention (but will go back eventually and insert into the posts) is using a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks to once a month. I have done this for YEARS and I believe everyone should do it. Shampoos, conditioners, products, etc build up on the hair over time. Have you ever noticed when you switch to a different shampoo that your hair will look better the first time you used that different shampoo? Well, its not because you need to switch brands of shampoos all the time, it is because that new shampoo is a different formulation and has been able to remove some of the buildup of your regular shampoo. But keep using that new shampoo and then change again, and you will notice the same thing.

So how do you remove the buildup and keep using the same shampoo/conditioner for years? Do what I have been doing! I used to use Neutrogena's Anti-Residue shampoo but now I have found a cheaper version that works the same: Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, I LOVE THIS STUFF! Now, this stuff will remove buildup from your hair and you only need to do it every 2 weeks or once a month. Unless, you use a lot of product in your hair, you will need it more often but not too much. So every 2 weeks, I use it for one shampoo and then follow up with normal conditioner and then the next shampoo I go back to my normal shampoo.

If you never remove that buildup, your hair will look dull, lifeless and limp, not to mention it will clog your follicles and prevent faster hair growth! So keep your scalp and hair free from buildup by doing this step every 2 weeks or once a month!

In a later post (more towards the end), I will do a Product List, which will include all products and hopefully photos too that I use and/or recommend!