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Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 8

We left off in Part 7 talking about the perm I had gotten in March 2007 (probably my last perm). My hair was ok for a year or so after the perm. I had used Garnier Fructis Color Treated (color treated shampoo/conditioner's work for permed also) Shampoo and Conditioner and then the leave-in and that was it! No gels, no blow-drying, etc.

Then, my hair started to get drier and break off more. I had no idea why it started to do that as I was doing what I had always done. (I will tell you what caused this in future posts as I found out) My curls were not as curly anymore either because once curls are dry, they usually have a hard time holding the curl. Curls that are moisturized show the best curl, just ask someone with curly hair! I had no clue what was causing this, and I had to start using gel in my hair (alcohol free) and then blow-dry my hair holding the hair scrunched as I dried it to get my hair to look right. So I did this for months and lost inches, but luckily my hair was growing at a good rate on top or I would have had even shorter hair than I did in this photo:

This photo was taken one year after my perm. You can see in the photo, how much length I had lost! My hair above was approximately 30 inches long (remember it was at its longest 50 inches before the 2 perms in 2005 and then 2007). In the one year since getting a perm, my hair had grown with new growth but only 4 inches. Remember how long my hair was when I first got the perm? Then look at it above, a year after, even with new growth it is so much shorter.

I also started straightening my hair (to match my new growth) and was frustrated that my hair was so dry and frizzy and no longer had that nice look with my curls when left air-dried. So I contemplated getting another perm and even set it up to do so, but my husband mentioned that my hair would just keep getting shorter and shorter and more damaged. Did I want long hair or did I want to keep making it shorter for vanity was the question that rang through my mind. I made the choice to NOT get another perm.

So this part ends at a year after I got my perm, March 2008. The next few posts will continue on from this point up until today. I also have a slideshow compilation of all the photos with captions and then we will start the "Hair Products" posts showing what I have used in the past, what I still use and what works, etc.

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Blessed With 4 said...

I am glad that you stopped. Your hair is too beautiful to let it get short. I have naturally curly hair so I am interested in the future posts :)
Have a blessed day! BJ

Candy-Faith said...

I forgot that perms make hair way shorter. Cant wait to see the rest of your hair posts and how it looks today :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you BJ and Candy for the comments! :)


Linda said...

I appreciate your honesty here with us when you asked yourself the question,"Did I want long hair or did I want to keep making it shorter for vanity was the question that rang through my mind. I made the choice to NOT get another perm."
I Cor. 11 is not an easy chapter to digest, but the message seems to imply that women should have long hair and thereby compares it to how shameful it is for a man to have long hair.
I think you made a good choice out of conviction and sincerity.


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Linda for your comment! Although, I believe it is 'ok' to get perms as long as you are not doing it with the intent to shorten your hair, for me I just don't feel right about it anymore. That is my personal conviction. If I would keep getting perms, then my hair would get as short as a man's and I want to be on the FAR END of the spectrum LOL and not blur the lines. I do know Godly women that get perms and I don't think they are wrong.

With that said, I don't condemn anyone for perming......I just chose not to because I lost massive amounts of hair that way and how is that letting my hair go long?? lol

Also my husband is against my hair getting any shorter! He doesn't feel right about it either and sides with me, we share the same conviction about it.


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