Hair Care 101; Coconut Oil Treatments

I was talking with a Sister tonight about using coconut oil to help prevent breakage. A few people have told me they started to do the treatments and one Sister's hair has improved greatly and even grew! She was telling me about it a week or so ago and I noticed the difference in her hair!!

So with that said, I have been doing this for as long as I've been a Christian (almost 10 years). My first Pastor's wife showed me to use it on my ends before I curl my hair, but my WHOLE head at the time was dry from a perm I got right before I got saved, so I put it all over and since then I still do that!

You don't just dab a little on. You actually COAT the hair in oil - drench it. I normally do it on Sunday night since I normally just clean the house on Monday and I can leave it in a long time. Since tonight it was time for a treatment, I decided it would be helpful to others to show just what I mean by drench it! Hubby took photos for me after I coated my hair (which takes me a good 15 minutes).

I do it in sections and from root to tip I put it on, putting a lot more on my ends because they are double processed from perms. You may ask why I put it on my new hair that is not processed - well, I want it to be in the best condition it can, because it will one day be my ends!

Once I've done all my hair, I use a fine tooth comb and comb through from roots to the ends all over. Then I flip my hair and add more oil on the hair while its flipped over and then I comb it again and wrap in a bun or braid.

I do this twice a month and use the Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo when its time to wash it out and then follow that with Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner. You will notice you will still have some oil left in your hair but that is ok! It will come out in the next wash, 2 or 3 days later and you should still be able to style your hair normally.

Click the photo to enlarge if you need to:

My hair (the permed part) has been really dry lately because of all the heat I've been using. I've been straightening my permed part so it matches my new growth or curling it. So if I keep using the heat on the permed portion, I may increase my coconut oil treatments from twice a month to every week. I used to do it every Monday with my first perm back in 99/2000 and it worked wonders, so I may have to do that again or just not use heat and let my hair be half permed/half straight and wear it back like I do sometimes. When I do this, I use the Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner on the permed portion and then let it air dry and put the sides back.

Ok hope the photos help you all in some way realize I'm talking about drenching the hair, not just barely putting it on there! If you have permed hair, this will help. If you have un-processed hair - well it might help if you use heat a lot on your hair, but usually un-processed hair looks great already and that is what I'm headed back to as soon as my perm grows out (which will be probably 2 years!).