Friday, February 6, 2009

Growing Hair Long Challenge Update; Week 1

Growing Long Hair Challenge

Here is my update for Week 1:

The permed portion of my hair (since it is twiced permed) will eventually all break off. I've been through this before with my perm back in 1999. It all eventually departed lol. Once you have processed the hair (this time being double processed), I don't care what you may do to it to prevent the breakage, it is inevitable as I have learned! If it wasn't for my new growth, my hair would be around my bra strap right now but right now it rests at a little below my backside.

My hair has improved the past few weeks because of the following:

  1. I went a full month without fast food in January and ate healthier
  2. The past week I've ate a well rounded diet with correct ratios of proteins, carbs and fat
  3. I'm doing more scalp massages (I will be covering this in later posts when I continue on with my Hair Care series)
  4. I'm stressing less - yes, stress causes hair loss and slows down the growth rate, not to mention it causes physical illness
  5. I'm praying more for my hair - asking God to help me during this time of 'growing out' from my old perms and praying for my hair to be like it used to be naturally - silky and easy to manage
  6. I'm rarely using heat and/or product on my "new" growth - I do flat iron JUST the permed part or curl it and put product on it

Growing out a perm is a trying time but I've done this before about 10 years ago and the results in the end were worth it all! I'm treating my new growth very gently and one time I had to blow dry my hair because we had to run somewhere quick and I almost cried because I didn't want heat on my new growth! I prayed and asked God to protect it because I had to get it dry quick and then I had faith he would and went ahead using an Ion blow dryer that is gentle.

I've noticed a lot of breakage this week, mostly because my double processed ends are ready to leave and I have no idea how short my hair is going to get but hopefully my new growth will continue growing at a good rate and make up the difference!

Here is a photo of me this morning (it was early, so hard to smile hehe)  Even though I flat ironed my permed portion, you can tell where it starts because it is lighter and coarser and not as smooth as my new growth, at least I can tell lol. =0

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful hair!!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Twocans! :)


Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith said...

Very wonderful hair!! I didn't even think about salmon at all and we were talking the other night we need to up it from every other week to every week; You mention other fatty fish? This sounds silly, but does sardines count? Lol

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Twinkle Mom! :)

I know that herring is one and pretty sure that sardines are also high in omega's, they are fatty and very good for you!


Amy Fichtner said...

Your hair is beautiful and so long already!!!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Amy! :)


Kate said...

You have lovely hair!

Do you really notice a difference in your hair when you eat better? That would be an added motivation for me to make some diet changes. =)

I also have long hair (almost down to my hips) but I tend to be a little rough with it. I have found, though, that it's easier to detangle after a shower when I let it dry completely first. I also never blow-dry or curl it, but that's mostly out of laziness. =)

I remember you saying you used a certain oil on your hair that really helped, but I can't remember. What oil was it, and where can you get it?

"Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?"

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comment Kate! :) I really do notice a difference in my new growth depending on what I eat. I will share more about that in future posts (just haven't had time to put them together yet!)

It is coconut oil but you can use olive oil too, but I have always got great results over the past 10 years with coconut oil.


Ticia said...

I started taking a woman's multi vitamin and it has helped my hair to grow and it has regained alot of it's brightness.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I believe it Ticia! It would be very hard for us as Americans and the way most of use eat, to get in all the nutrients each day - multivitamins fill in the spots we miss and I take them daily too!


Candy-Faith said...

Such a cute pic :) Love your hair too :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

CUTE!?!? It was so early for me and I sure didn't feel cute haha. =0 Thanks Candy!


blessedmomof3 said...

Your hair is so lovely looking. It's been many, many years since I had hair that long. Right now my hair is just past my shoulders, and I have bangs. It's been this style for quite a while now, just because it is easy to care for. I do want it longer. I wish I could grow out my bangs, but they start to look bad once they get to my nose, and then I don't know what to do with them, and end up trimming. I don't even know if I would look ok with my bangs grown out, but I'd love to at least once in my life grow them out properly. Any tips on that?


Christian Homekeeper said...

While they are growing out you can clip them back until they get long enough to not need that anymore. From your profile photo that I see above, you look great without bangs! I don't see that you have bangs in that picture.


Gail said...

Greetings here from Ireland. I found you via youtube.It is such a blessing to read about another Pentecostal Christian woman,who doesn't cut her hair. Over here in Ireland most women (who attend Church) cut their hair short and stick a hat on it. It makes me want to scream.
God bless
many thanks

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comment Gail! :) So neat to meet someone from Ireland!


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