Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love, Children and Baking

I just read an article that made my jaw drop! Here was a feminist lady who embraced the so-called "freedom" of a woman working and not being 'tied down' by husband or children confesses that:

......loving relationships and children bring more happiness than work ever can.

She is looking back and sharing with the rest of us women that the whole "career woman" mentality is not all its cracked up to be. I knew that already.....been there done that, it wasn't fulfilling like my marriage and daughter are to me, not to mention taking care of my home. Here are some more quotes from the article:

To that end I have spent 20 years ruthlessly pursuing my dreams - to be a successful playwright. I have sacrificed all my womanly duties and laid it all at the altar of a career. And was it worth it? The answer has to be a resounding no.

WOW! The words 'laid it all at the altar of a career' is so visual to me that it just shocked me to hear this lady say that. Her honesty is amazing! Notice, this lady has spent 20 years running after this "freedom" to find that in the end, it was not worth it. It is sad that she had to go through her life without the joy that a child brings or loving relationships but her words echo to women out there what we are made to do.

Notice in the next quote how she tells about this instinct:

Somewhere inside lurks a woman I cannot control and she is in the kitchen with a baby on her hip and dough in her hand, staring me down. She is saying: “This is happiness, this is what it's all about.” It's an instinct that makes me a woman, an instinct that I can't ignore even if I wanted to.

Then she ends with a summation of it all:

I have always felt a huge pressure to be successful to show men that I am their equal. What a waste of time.

May women glean from the experience and lessons learned of this feminist woman. She learned the hard way but you don't have to!

God made us and I think he would know how we were designed: to be keepers at home, bearing children and loving our husbands! It's that simple....that is our purpose.

You can read the article in its entirety here:

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Kate said...

This was a fascinating article. When I was young I didn't even consider getting married and starting a family. It's not that I didn't want to; the possibility just never crossed my mind. Now, I wouldn't trade my job (as a homemaker) for the world, and I know it's where God wants me.

"Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?"

Christian Homekeeper said...

Same here.....I had a mom who worked and we were taught that is what we do. I even pursued the "career" avenue but didn't find lasting happiness in that and soon my Prince Charming did sweep me off my feet hehe and I got married and stayed home as a wife even before having my daughter. I wouldn't trade it either!


Ticia said...

I too grew up with a working mom and just assumed I would go to work. I also didn't plan to have any children because I was selfish and didn't want to have to take care of anyone. But my plans were not God's plans and I am a very very happy stay at home, homeschoolin',bread baking wife and mom.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comment Ticia! So wonderful to hear women find happiness in what we are made to do! It fulfills in so many ways!


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind I mentioned this on my blog. I just linked it back to you :-)

God bless

Christian Homekeeper said...

No, I don't mind, thanks Kiara! :) ~Bev

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