No Makeup Issue

My friend Michelle sent this to me and I thought it was great! Elle France magazine had celebrities pictured with NO makeup. Basically they are as God made them without paint on their face. I think they look wonderful and wish more women would let go of the 'bondage' of makeup and feel confident in their own natural beauty! Some like to say that women who believe that God doesn't want us to paint our face, are in 'bondage' but I disagree! True bondage is actually the opposite as I have been on BOTH sides. I remember growing up, my Mom wouldn't even go to the mailbox without makeup on and then my Sister couldn't leave the house without it and still can't - now who is in bondage here?

I guess you can figure out that I don't wear makeup and haven't since 1999. I have left my house (and checked the mailbox hehe) for the past 10 years without makeup on! The only examples I read of in the Bible and in history from the past ages, is that women did this to entice and allure, it was never for good.

I could get into the whole Biblical issue of this but maybe another time, let's just enjoy that these celebrities can actually bear being without makeup for a change! Kudos to whoever thought this one up! WHODUTHUNKIT? Women look good without makeup *gasp*. May it inspire women everywhere. You do NOT have to wear makeup to feel pretty or whatever it is that your reason is! Start loving yourself the way God made you......enough of this worldly image! Break free! I dare you! Try showing the world your real face for a change instead of hiding behind the mask.

You can read an article done on the magazine here.

Update: Here are the results from the poll on my blog:

Q. Do you wear makeup?

26 (66%)
13 (33%)