Facial Care Introduction; Products I Use

We have yet to start talking about facial care, someone had commented last year that they thought I was 19 or around there because of my skin lol.  Believe me it was the best compliment I have ever gotten! ; )  I'm not 19, but 29 and my skin is not the greatest.  I do believe you can do things to:
  1. Protect your skin from damage (wear sunscreen all the time!)
  2. Slow down skin damage you already caused
My skin regime has changed over the years, so I will start from the beginning.  I used to use Irish Spring to wash my face when I was a teenager and didn't know anything about face care.  Then my oldest Sister got us started on Clinique's 3-step system but it actually only gave me skin problems that I had never had before.  Then she started selling Mary Kay and we used those cleansers.  I did wear makeup back then and you needed a heavy duty cleanser to get all that junk off lol.

One thing I regret that I did from a child on up was sit out in the sun and go to our grandma's pool several days a week with NO SUNSCREEN!  I got so many sunburns growing up it was just normal for me.  I was never told I needed to protect my skin and what all that sun exposure and sunburns would do later on to my skin.  So I got my first wrinkle pretty early, not to mention freckles (but my husband loves my freckles and that is part of what attracted him to me, so I learned to love them when he showed me they are cute! lol)

When I stopped wearing makeup, I simply used Dove soap to wash my face and don't remember using any moisturizer.  I then had problems with my skin and seems like it became sensitive, so I started using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer for years.  Then I switched to Neutregena acne soap with Aveeno moisturizer because I had breakouts and then dry skin from the acne soap.

Something I have done for years is exfoliate with baking soda.  I keep a container of it in my shower and a couple times a month, I put some in my hand and mix a bit of water and then gently scrub it on my face and lips and hands and elbows and rinse.  It makes my skin smooth and is a cheap exfoliater and one I recommend!

A few months ago, after being frustrated by acne all the time and dull looking skin, I stepped out and tried something new.  I bought Olay's foaming face wash for sensitive skin and started to use it.  I noticed that my face was not as dry as normal and then I followed it up with my Aveeno moisturizer.  It cleaned my face gently but my moisturizer didn't seem to be doing the job anymore.

I tried Olay's Anti-wrinkle daily SPF moisturizer and at first it made my skin peel/flake but after 2 weeks it was fine and I have used it now for a few months and WOW what a difference it has made in my skin!  I figured it was so good, the night cream must be good also.  I tried it out and the first morning after using it the night before, I was impressed when I looked in the mirror and saw my skin was plump and my forehead wrinkles almost invisible.  I'm going to continue to use it a few nights a week.

I noticed that my acne had lessened dramatically since using the Olay anti-wrinkle moisturizer and I didn't know why but found out that the hydroxy acids in it actually help acne as well!  I finally found something that has really lessened my breakouts to just a few a month and also makes my skin look better.  I want to venture out and try some of the other Olay lines but for now I'm happy with this one. 

Don't be fooled into thinking you need an eye cream - I have always simply used my face moisturizer around my eye area.  Paula Begoun is a woman I trust who researches products (face and hair) and lets us know what ingredients are in them and what is good and what is bad.  She also has some videos on youtube.