Motherhood Introduction

This is a short introduction to the new series I'm starting on Motherhood.

This isn't a popular topic in today's society for the modern woman. She could do without this role and would rather have wealth, success in worldly avenues and supposed equality with man in the workplace. She is out for numero uno and how dare a role of raising children come in the way of her wants and desires. And even if it does, she refuses to raise them herself or let them interfere with her life and her pursuits. She will go so far as to murder them before they even have the chance of being birthed, give them away, or if she does go through with the birth and keeps them, she will find some way to dump them on another while she continues with "her" life.

For the Godly woman it is a much different story! Not only does she pray for her womb to be blessed by the Creator, she will be in much sorrow if she finds she is barren. She grieves for children, a desire that God put within her. She couldn't imagine life without her blessings - children. She loves to teach them and nurture them each day. She is fulfilled by her role of Motherhood and her children praise her. She wouldn't even dream of working and leaving her precious babies to someone else's raising - if she had to because she was without a husband or he was disabled - she would grieve and long for the day she can once again be with her children.

Oh what a difference between the "modern" woman and the Godly woman.

Motherhood is the season of a woman's life where she raises her child or children. They will eventually grow to the age they will leave her care but they will always be her 'babies'. God put within women a special caring, nurturing, emotion filled persona to fulfill the role of a Mother. He made the woman's body to be most fertile in her early life and common sense would tell you that would be the time to conceive. You can have children even beyond this fertile period but complications and disabilities in the child are at an increased risk. Doth not even nature itself tell us the prime time to have our children? lol I believe God can give a woman children at any age, he can do anything! We all know of Sarah but that was in the age where man lived longer and seemed to age slower than our time.

In this series I will be using some quotes from a few authors supported by the Bible. We will be using the Bible's clear direction on what God views about Motherhood. It will be examples from the Old and New Testaments that will show us the right, positively indisputable truth about the matter.