Sunday, July 12, 2009

Growing Hair Long Challenge Update #4

Growing Long Hair Challenge

It's been a while since I  updated and reason being I didn't think my hair has grown but I was wrong.  I measured it today for the first time since March and it has grown 3 inches but I also lost inches from my old (2) perms breaking off.  My new growth is now 16 inches and the rest is permed and total length is 38 inches.  If my estimates are right, I lost 4 inches to breakage and grew 3 inches.  So the growth is growing quickly but my damaged permed portion is also breaking quickly as expected.  This year I have grown 5 inches of silky healthy straight hair - at this rate by the end of December the new growth should reach around 4 more inches for a total of 20 inches of new growth since my last perm!  That's also with being very sick this year from Feb-April.  Still not back to where I was before the perms at 50 inches but we are getting there! 

I've been doing my hair differently - which I don't like doing because I'm using heat on my new growth, but is it worth it?  It only takes a few strands from my top to curl and then scrunch with hair spray to get this look making my hair look curly and match the bottom.  Then today I washed my hair with clarifying shampoo to remove all this buildup and hairspray and going to wear it sleek and straight with the ends curled tonight. 

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Homestead Momma said...

Your hair is looking good! Mine is finally nearly waist length and I'm so happy about that...even though the ends look pretty bad and have lots of split ends. I'm still going to let it grow until the end of the year and hopefully reach below waist level and then get it trimmed back to waist level to get rid of some of the split ends.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Homestead Momma for the comment! :) ~Bev

Chica said...

Your hair looks very pretty in this pic. Those curtins are eye-catching as well!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Sis for the comment, I really do appreciate it! :) I just wish it didn't take heat to get my top hair curled to match the bottom lol. ~Bev

twocans1 said...

Glad to hear you're having such success with the growth!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Twocans! It is amazing that it is growing despite the malnutriton I had faced and sickness Feb-Apr. I have been praying for my hair and I believe that is what helped! ;) ~Bev

Nelishia said...

Hi! I'm new here but have watched you on YouTube so came over to find you. I want the length of my own hair back as it started thinning, falling out and breaking off after a long sickness. I'm healed now, PTL! I want my hair back. It's long but not as long or healthy as yours. I missed the first post on how you are doing it. Where can I find that link?
Keep on standing publicly for what you and I both stand for and believe in. I think there'll come a time where we'll have to fight for that right.
Big hugs and glad to meet you,

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you for the comment Nelishia! :) I prayed on my hair and still do. It was really damaged from 2 perms and hard water with heavy iron in it. I moved from the place that had the horrid water, but I couldn't undo the perms - only let them grow out. I do believe prayer can help!

If you look at "Topics" on my sidebar you will see "Hair Care 101" - click on that and it will show the posts I did of my hair through the years.


Candy-Faith said...

As always, VERY beautiful! You and your hair! :)
I love your hair. One of these days I will post a picture of mine, it is getting longer, about half way to my elbow! Mine grows slower in the summer than winter, maybe thats common.. not sure LOL But anyway I am so happy about the length and cant wait for it to get as long as yours!!! :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Candy! Can't wait to see your hair!! :) ~Bev

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