Growing Hair Long Challenge Update #4

Growing Long Hair Challenge

It's been a while since I  updated and reason being I didn't think my hair has grown but I was wrong.  I measured it today for the first time since March and it has grown 3 inches but I also lost inches from my old (2) perms breaking off.  My new growth is now 16 inches and the rest is permed and total length is 38 inches.  If my estimates are right, I lost 4 inches to breakage and grew 3 inches.  So the growth is growing quickly but my damaged permed portion is also breaking quickly as expected.  This year I have grown 5 inches of silky healthy straight hair - at this rate by the end of December the new growth should reach around 4 more inches for a total of 20 inches of new growth since my last perm!  That's also with being very sick this year from Feb-April.  Still not back to where I was before the perms at 50 inches but we are getting there! 

I've been doing my hair differently - which I don't like doing because I'm using heat on my new growth, but is it worth it?  It only takes a few strands from my top to curl and then scrunch with hair spray to get this look making my hair look curly and match the bottom.  Then today I washed my hair with clarifying shampoo to remove all this buildup and hairspray and going to wear it sleek and straight with the ends curled tonight.