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Drowning in a Sea of Books.......

Last week we got our curriculum books and I laid most of them out on the table as you can see in the photos below.  We started homeschool this Monday and just completed our 3rd day and I must say that my daughter is LOVING it and even wants to do it at night.  It does take sacrifice on my part but I believe my daughter is WORTH it!  I believe it helps kill any selfishness a person may have lol - after all, it isn't all about 'you' anymore.  To give your time and energies over to train up a child in the way he/she should go is the calling of a Mother. 

It has been amazing to feel the Holy Spirit when we start school with prayer and 'invite' God into the classroom!  The first day I did this, I almost shouted because the Holy Spirit's presence was so strong and I didn't expect that.  I knew that including God in our children's learning was without question, a must, but I didn't expect the strong presence I felt that first morning!  It was as though God was saying "Thank you for allowing me into the school!"  I'm sure God's heart is saddened when His people send their children to schools that don't want God but he is even more happy when they make him the first and foremost importance of a child's learning!  Then when we did Science - WOW!  The presence of the Holy Spirit once again filled the room and I felt such joy teaching Katie just WHO created the world and how God did it!  God blesses truth!!