God's Word vs. Man's Opinion

I chose this picture for this post because it demonstrates so well a lot of kid's teachers - the TV.  But this isn't about the TV, although it does most definitely apply!!

My husband and I have been having some pretty soul-searching talks lately and with others at church on the topic of recent - dealing with the ungodly public school system.  Pastor was describing just the other night how they have taken out spirituality by removing prayer and Bible and the name Jesus, the teachers are in unions now and its all about the money and you would be hard pressed to find one who is actually there for the love of it and for the care of the child.  You are saying when you give your child to a teacher "I trust you to TEACH my child".

A commentor made the comment what about the pediatrician, nurse, etc.  They are teaching my child 6 hours a day.  Teaching is the subject here - can Christians let God haters teach their children?  Can Christians let a homosexual indoctrinate their children?  How bad does it have to get for some to come out from among them?  Will it take another school shooting close to home?  Will it take another teacher having sexual relations with a student?  Will it take them having those MANDATORY sex lessons from K-12?  For some, they will still be sitting in 'Sodom and Gomorrah' all the way till God himself destroys it before they would wake up.  Was taking out God, prayer and Bibles NOT BAD ENOUGH for some Christians??? Was it really not enough?? Is God not worth it??  Was it not 'bad enough' when they kicked him out??  Does God really not matter that much?  Guess not........you can have school without God.  It's ok to leave him out during the day in all subjects because after all..........who needs him that much in day to day life right?  Sheesh, we go to church once a week and I couldn't do more than that because God has his small part and I wouldn't dream of giving up my priorities to have more God HA!

I could do a post on the Biblical backing of keeping our children out of a God haters teaching that would go on for pages!  Not only does he say COME OUT from among them and be ye separate, he even told us to ABSTAIN from all appearance of evil and this hasn't even included the verses on teaching the children daily.  One commentor said we have to contribute to the school by putting "God back in the school" and sending our kids there.  I guess we should also go in bars and brothels to add a bit of God there too huh? Or what about Sodom and Gomorrah??  Lot became corrupt in the midst of them and he would have been destroyed if it wasn't for Abraham's plea's.   Maybe we should re-write the Bible and instead of come out, we could do better than God and put "go in among them" that way we could put GOD back in them right??

The only thing I hear from the other side; those that support the public school - are merely man's opinionsNot once have I been given Biblical backing for this view.  Yet, they reason among themselves that is must be ok.  Doth not God tell us in Proverbs "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."  If someone could show me through God's word of Biblical principle how it is ok for a child to learn from a God hater/homosexual/liberal teacher then please do but NONE yet have used GOD'S WORD in their criticism - rather they go off an opinion they have formed or another man's opinion or their own reasonings with no backing from God's Word.  When will we get back to God's word!?!
True friends warn you of danger and toil ahead.  I heard a story the other day about a King who was drinking from his cup but every time he tried to take a drink, this bird would swoop down and get in his way so he couldn't drink from the cup.  He would shoo the bird away and yell at it and this happened a few times and he still couldn't drink from his cup!  He finally said "that's it" and drew his sword and the next time he tried to take a drink from his cup, the bird (as he had expected) swooped down and he killed it, knocking his cup on the ground in the process.  He went to get his cup and noticed a snake - then he realized the grave error he had made.  All along the bird was simply trying to stop him from drinking his death and he killed the very thing that was trying to help him! 

I said all this to provoke others to search their reasonings and opinions and see whether they be of God or the enemies making?  Does it line up with the Word of God?  FORGET ME!  Does it line up with God's word and His instruction for His people over all time??  If not, then stop and ask yourself just who are you really listening to? As was preached this morning, don't just drift along and go with the flow.  This is your child we are talking about!  The one that GOD gave you to raise for Him!  I take that SO seriously and I'm so careful and make sure I have God's backing in my decisions.