Human Pesticide Turns 50

I had seen the CNN news report the other day and watched the video of the "celebration" of the birth control pill's 50th anniversary.  The career women at CNN were rejoicing in how it started the sexual revolution and how women didn't have to worry anymore about a child interfering in their lives and careers and sexual pursuits.  They could sleep around with whomever, wherever and not risk the chance of conceiving a child (gasp!) that would prevent them from fulfilling their desires.  Ah, yes.....that lovely little pill paved the way for freedom for the modern woman.  It was the feminists prayer answered.

What did women do BEFORE the pill 50 years ago?  Could it be they had even more of a reason to NOT commit fornication and adultery and thus stayed faithful?  Could it be that they stayed home and fulfilled their Godly role?  Was the birth control pill really the great tool it is played up to be or was it rather the great tool of immorality?

Now the modern woman can have it all - unlimited sex with multiple partners, careers and nothing but herself to be responsible for.  In the words of our current President - rejoice women because you shouldn't have "to be punished with a baby!"

There is an awesome article to further your reading here.