A Mother's Proper Balance

Person A's life consists of displaying perfection.  She doesn't have time for her children because she is too busy being perfect.  She prides herself on her self-perceived perfection and thinks that others feel the same. However, others see neglected children dressed in rags all the while her home is pristine and she is groomed to the max.  She constantly scoffs at others imperfections, lack of grooming and untidy homes to boost her own self esteem.  They see Mrs. Perfect decked out in her finest array and then they see standing next to her - disheveled, disobedient, crying for attention children.

Person B's life consists of herself.  She doesn't have time for her children much less her house.  She neglects both and could care less about her appearance.  If someone is ever in need she doesn't have the time because she is too busy worrying about herself and her problems and her life.  She is self-consumed and therefore has no room for anyone else.  Her children AND her home display her laziness. 

Person C's life consists of serving others but her own.  She is so busy doing "good works" for others and helping those in need that she neglects the very best - her children.  She showers others children with gifts and candy and gives her own cardboard to play with and oatmeal for a treat.  (insert hysterical laughter)  She prides herself on what she thinks is her selfless spirit and generosity yet others see her pitiful neglected children.  She therefore makes the good the enemy of the very best.

Person D's life consists of the proper balance.  She understands she must keep her home but at the same time she doesn't let it come first over her chidren (and husband).  Her children know they are loved because she doesn't choose dishes over them.  She would rather have a few piles of laundry undone and happy, loved children than a pristine home and neglected little ones. She understands that she will always have to clean her home but her children are only young for a short time.  She would rather her children have the best and herself lacking. 

Which one are you? In case you were wondering, Person D is the correct balance!