Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog-land Spirit of Elitism

It is amazing that when you roam the "blogging world" that you see people adopt beliefs, ideas or opinions of others as their own.  If one person says it is ok to do this or that - next thing you know, other bloggers are joining in, even though they had to push against their own consciences.  They make something "ok", simply because someone else is doing it or says it is ok.

I think this is where I differ from the majority of women in blog-land.  I've refused invitations, advertising and allowing my writings to be used in other blogs because I couldn't support the belief system with which they upheld.  I guess it boils down to this - I can't be BOUGHT!

You don't see advertisements and money-making gimmicks on my blog because I'm not here for what I can get out of it.....financially speaking.  I'm not here to change my values, beliefs and "go with the flow" and become part of the elite in blog-land.  I'm not even here to be the best among them, to have the most readers, or any other pursuits of the flesh.  I'm here to serve - God and others.

A lot of women have gone from serving their home and family and helping others online with their blogs - to forsaking their home and family to make money or become "famous" in the internet realm.  Instead of brain-storming for ways to better run our homes and curb spending for the home, it becomes a game of who can save the most or who can show off the most.

The spirit of elitism has taken ahold of so many and the greed and love of money overpowered so many women that they lost the vision.  They constantly pat themselves on the back for raising money to help their husband, when the Bible clearly tells us that the man is the provider.  You want to really help him?  How about getting off the computer and getting off your rear and making him something homemade everday!?  How about, instead of refusing him because you have another blog post to make or another advertiser's review to post - you turn the computer off and give due benevolence?  Put down the coupons women and play with your children!!!!

Have we lost sight of what is really important?  I'm tired of hearing other women brag about the money they are making as if they are doing more for their husband than I am.  When in reality, it's the other way around!  God set it up for the woman to care for the home and the husband to provide.  When you try and do your job and your husband's job - it may "seem" at the time that you are helping but sooner or later - your bag will have holes.

My hope is to persuade women everywhere to put priorities in their proper order - God, Family, Others.  Don't let riches tempt you to give your valuable time to another endeavor other than the one God has given you to take care of.

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candy said...

Yeah, sadly, I have seen this too. Christian women trying to have the best blogs, make money, and even the adding of "followers" which drives me up the wall..
Broadcasting how many people follow you and asking for more to follow you is very self centered and boastful. It disgusts me actually.

Blogging can become a competition between Christian women and it should not be that way.

But one can always tell the bloggers who are prideful verses the humble. Not that Im perfect but I notice these things and thats why the blogs I now visit are only a handful, literally.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I don't use the follower thing on here anymore - just rubbed me the wrong way I guess.

I wrote this post because I'm tired of seeing women trade their home duties to make a fast buck. This week alone I've had several offers for advertisers and reviews and such but unless I initiate the review - I REFUSE to do a paid post.

Thanks for your input Candy!


Christian Homekeeper said...

P.S. A note on these advertisers - I'm amazed at how many have contacted me since I returned to blogging at the end of March. I guess they assume that homekeepers are "down on our luck" and will do anything for a fast buck. The sad thing is, its other women that gave this impression and reputation by doing so.


Anonymous said...

What a good eye opening post. I have only done one review on a book for free. There was no strings attached other than share a post on my thoughts on the book. I actually share it with my husband before taking on the task. He felt it was a good thing. It was a great book on becoming MISSION Focused.

Other than that I don't care about all that advertising and review stuff. I don't have the time. I agree with all you say.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I wasn't meaning doing reviews are wrong - but those that are doing reviews (whether truthful ones or not) to make money and that becomes their main focus. I like doing reviews on products I try but no company asked me to do so - know what I mean?

Thanks for the input Chrissy!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I knew you didn't mean that reviews were wrong. I was just making converstation. :0)

Anonymous said...

I just want to double check that we are okay. I really knew what you were saying. I knew you were not saying reviews were wrong.

I loooooove your honesty and love how you take stands, and are so open. That is why I looooove your blog/site.

I just wanted to make sure we are good. I really have been ministered to in so many ways in the past and now by your blog. You did a podcast one time and it really helped me more than you know and cling to a lot that you said.

So, if you don't want to post this comment and email me instead that is fine chrissie80@charter.net

I just hope that you knew that I understood what you were saying.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Oh of course we are good! I didn't reply to your other comment because I didn't feel it needed a reply. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the kinds words! No worries! ;-)


Alicia said...

Thank you for speaking the truth in love! I'm so glad that you are blogging again Bev. I appreciate your insights, wisdom and encouragement.

It makes me very sad that so many Christian women have been disillusioned and sold their lives for such a small fee, but at such a large price.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Alicia for your comment! ;-)


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