10 Year Anniversary Letter

Hubby said I could post this and thought it worthy to share with others.  After being married for ten years, I could say that we know a thing or two about marriage!  It takes work and love, but above all - it takes GOD!  Nate's letter to me really sums it all up and how we have made it through the storms and come out stronger.  We have been through so much that would have broken many couples bond but somehow we made it through and God mended our hearts. 

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. ~Mark 10:9

Dear Beverly,
     When you get married, you really are only thinking of the here and now.  It's not apparent what the next year, 5 years or whatever amount of time, will bring.  Expectation is always roses and ease in the honeymoon hours and days.  The world seems to only care about those things - always for themselves - and maybe for the spouse.  When adversity or disagreements come - it appears that those tests are not desired - and it all ends.  Rather than the true building of love, the choice is made to end the "hardships".
     I will admit that I don't think either of us expected anything that happened in the past ten years.  I was young, naive and happy-go-lucky.  I didn't recognize the early marital storms for what they truly were.  I did, however, know that I cared for you.  Looking back with my 'decade glasses' I can see a fortress of love being constructed.  The walls are now stone, though the wooden ones burned in trials.  The castle now stands firm as a testament to real love.  We walk the halls with security and trust in our hearts.
     Neither of us being perfect; we have understood and forgiven.  We've laughed hysterically together and buried the hatchets so many times.
     I can't imagine what life would be without my soul mate.  You are my help, my love, my crutch - everything for every need.  Though many other words fail me right now - experience with you has taught me all I need to know about our marriage.
     We are armed for the future.  I look forward to more laughs, tears, wrinkles and white hairs.  To gain them without you would just be age.  To live them with you will be my honor and pleasure.

                                                                                    With all sincerity and love,