Thursday, May 20, 2010

God's Standards for Women

(Proverbs 31:10-31)
  1. Morally perfect (v.10)
  2. Invaluable (v.10)
  3. Trustworthy (v.11)
  4. Inherently good and true (v.12)
  5. Ingenious - proficient (v.13)
  6. Thrifty - laborious (v.14)
  7. Dutiful - considerate (v.15)
  8. Versatile - judicious (v.16)
  9. Tireless -healthy (v.17)
  10.  Joyful - efficient (v.18)
  11.  Watchful - cautious (v.18)
  12.  Skillful (v.19)
  13.  Charitable - benevolent (v.20)
  14.  Generous - merciful (v.20)
  15.  Fearless - provident (v.21)
  16.  Clever at decorating - furnishing (v.22)
  17.  Refined in taste (v.22)
  18.  Respected (v.23)
  19.  Industrious - prosperous (v.24)
  20.  Dependable - honest (v.25)
  21.  Confident - hopeful (v.25)
  22.  Wise - discreet (v.26)
  23.  Kind - understanding (v.26)
  24.  Prudent - practical (v.27)
  25.  Energetic - ever active (v.27)
  26.  An ideal wife and mother (v.28)
  27.  Honored by her family (v.27-28)
  28.  Excels in virtue (v.29)
  29.  God fearing - humble (v.30)
  30.  Deserving - successful (v.31)
  31.  Honored by the public (v.31)

Finis Jennings Dake

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Candy ♥ said...

A good list of qualities to strive towards.

Homekeeper247 said...

Cut picture but it looks like she has her Bible upside down because of the ribbon in the front. LOL

Christian Homekeeper said...

My ribbon lays that way when I pull it out to turn pages, doesn't yours? lol Then when you put it back to mark your place its the other way.


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