The Hypersocialized Generation - Video

I just listened/watched this video by Albert Mohler about the hypersocialization of America in this generation.  It was so alarming and also raised many questions.  He mentions the NY Times report about how children (and now even adults who are following the younger generations example) are losing touch with reality, unable to communicate in person and multitasking to the point of mental decline.  They can't sit and be still anymore, quietness is scary to them they claim and they can't sit down and read a book even.  Dumb and dumber takes on a whole new meaning.

He also touches on the increasing risks involved with Facebook.  Some Christian ministers have set the rule - don't friend anyone that you've ever kissed.  But he questions, if we have to place such rules as that on ourselves then the risks outweigh the benefits involved.  What do we put on the line, even in our own families; spouses and children - when we hypersocialize?  Are we letting in our very demise?  Have we addicted our children to a life of not being able to be quiet and sit still or read a book, such as the Bible?

Does satan laugh at us as we decline in face-to-face social skills yet increase in temptations with online relationships?  Does satan laugh when he has your children addicted to were all they can do is sit at a computer or text all day and are scared of the silence of being disconnected?  Is all hell roaring in laughter as they see a society, sleep deprived, addicted to gadgets to the point they lose sight of reality?  Have we become the very joke of satan himself as we opened the door to let temptation in our homes, that were once sealed off from such?  

The more I read the psychological effects of this new media, the more I hear marriages being ruined by this social tool, the more I hear gossip increasing with this device.......the more I loathe it.  It's like the slimy serpent that has come to sneak its way in, only to destroy and divide.  I'm not alone, as I talked with others recently - they are loathing it more as well because of the destruction of its powers with marriages, friendships and our children's precious minds.  If your family for sale?  Hypersocialization comes with a price - are you willing to pay?

He ends with the challenge - how do we become connected AND stay faithful?  Some food for thought.