Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Satan's Comedy Hour

Satan's Comedy Hour is when we........
  • give ourselves over to lust
  • allow satan to win in our minds
  • succumb to that besetting sin once again
  • sell ourselves to addiction
  • care not for our children or spouse
  • join the worldly pursuits of fame and fortune
  • are discontent
  • open the door to temptation
  • say "just this once won't hurt"
  • question God's word
  • doubt and thereby are faithless
  • seek doctors healing potions instead of God's
  • forsake assembling ourselves together 
  • miss yet another day in God's word
  • fill our day with other things and have not time for prayer
  • trust our children to Godless teachers to have their minds molded
  • gossip about our brother/sister
  • develop cliques, excluding others 
  • think we are all that and a bag of chips, a.k.a pride
  • think we are worthy 
  • think we are entitled and everyone owes us
  • preach once saved always saved and no living the Word of God
  • omit what doesn't suit us in God's word
  • remind ourselves of the great things we do
  • develop unethical relationships 
  • flirt and act lasciviously
  • reveal our bodies in public
  • want all attention on us
  • whine how bad we have it
  • never seek in God's word what a preacher preached to confirm it
  • follow a man over God
  • idolize someone or something over God
  • hate others instead of the sin
  • fill our eyes and ears with trash

The list is never ending.........is the joke on YOU!?

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candy ♥ said...

SO true!!

Homequeen said...

Thank you for this meaningful post. It is so very true. Makes us all stop for a minute and take a look at life.
Compare this to the righ side-bar on this wonderful Blog and you will realise where you are and wher you should be heading!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks so much for the comments ladies! :)


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