Friday, July 9, 2010

Life Decisions - What Do You Value?

Some value material goods - cars, houses and lands.  Others may value hobbies, spending time and money in whatever it may be.  Then others, value people and family.

When you make major life decisions, such as marriage, children, buying a home and finances - you have to realize what you really value and want out of life and make sure your future spouse does too!  What brings you the most joy?  If a child doesn't bring you joy you are a mental nutcase LOL!  Ok, so I threw that one in there for all you child nazi's.  Do sticks of wood as big as you can get it bring you joy?  Or rather having others see you drive around in a fancy car give you what you need in the joy-filled department?  Is it the pitter-patter of little feet coming down the hall saying "mommy"?  Or how about your table filled with friends and laughter during the holidays?

For us, we value family and people.  I used to want a big house, luxury car, latest, trendiest clothes and all that but I think I grew up lol.  Now, I realize that what brings me the most joy, besides God of course, is something that God himself has given me - my husband and my child.  I understand contentment more now than I did a few years ago.  We have lived in a one bedroom apartment all crammed together and we have even lived in a large 3bedroom, 3 floor townhome that was way too much space for us.   What I have learned through living small and living in a larger space is that it doesn't bring me joy like I thought it would.  Rather, I crave a simpler home that doesn't take hours to clean so I can spend more time with my precious family.  It sounds kooky, but I've begun to love our paid-for used car.  Somehow, along the way the desire to get, get, get or have that "dream" car dissipated because I realized I would rather spend my money elsewhere.  I think to myself, if I was given $50K, I would invest it for our future and my daughter's - 5 years ago, I would have bought a BMW with it lol.  But see, that car would get old but knowing my daughter would have a great start in life is priceless.

I could see myself living happily the rest of my life with the children God gives us doing His will for our lives in a small, adequate home with a dependable vehicle.  I guess I just value those things that we can take to Heaven with us - what can compare?  Is it the endless pursuit of consumerism and the building of bigger barns, so to speak,  that is causing so many stress-related illness' and worry over extra responsibilities that come with having more?  Have we took the time we could have had to help others and our families and spent it all up in the care of our material goods?  The more you have, the more care and time it takes.

We have to weigh our options with our life's decisions and know what we value and build upon that.  If you want to be cleaning everyday of the week in your 5000sqft mansion that is so empty and quite because you hated children, then have at it if that is what you value!  Meanwhile, I will be running down the slip n' slide with my children, showered in their kisses and enjoying my humble abode that takes 30 minutes to clean! ;-)

In the end, what really matters?  Make the grass greener on your side!  It's your life - make it worthwhile and ENJOY the life God has given you and be happy and joyful in all you do and above all - learn to be content in whatever situation you may be in!

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Candy ♥ said...

exactly!!! i could not agree more!

we have a bmw hahaa but its a free work car (a perk for rob being a manager) but its free, free gas, free maintenance etc. we would never buy a luxury car on our own dime.
nor will we ever buy a big house. we have a new condo, and in some ways it has some luxury to it but its just a small humble home really. and within our means.

the reason we would never buy a luxury car or big home is because weve been there, done that. we were young and foolish. we had both for 6 months... This was years ago. we had built a luxury home, bought a luxury car and felt really stupid because it wasnt us. neither of us was raised show offs. infact both sets of parents are as frugal as you can get! so, after 6 mnonths of living in that big house and having that luxury car, we sold both and continued to downsize ever we are comfortable in a 1000 ft condo.

but the biggest thing is that we have to give accont one day face to face with the Lord on how we spent the money He blessed us with. i dont want to feel ashamed for buying a luxury car or big house instead of helping family. right now, we can help family financially and help others, and give more. thats what its all about. not hoarding stuff or showing off.

i also feel that people are always watching our testimony. so if people see we have a big house or luxury car (we always tell people our car is a work car), then others might feel they have to compete with us or feel envy or jealousy because of us. then they go in debt trying to catch up. part of the reason many christian women work outside the home is to keep up with the jones's. but if the 'jone's' all lived simple and humble then nobody would have to keep up with anyone, and everyone could live simple and happy and loving to one another.
i wish more christians gave this some thought before flaunting and flashing their, their skidoos, seadoos, cabins on the lake, brand name purses and clothes, jewelry etc. its kinda disgusting to me to have so much stuff. too much. people have too much stuff.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I was sharing my story and feelings - definitely not talking about your BMW Candy lol! I actually wouldn't mind having one (I still really like them) but what I was saying is I finally got to the place in my life that it wasn't something that would make me happy more than family.

That is amazing how you downsized and you were the Jones' at one time haha. Nothing against the Jones' but the spirit of "keeping up with the Jones'" isn't Christ-like. I do know some that have a big house and luxury cars and don't have that spirit - so you can have those things and be right. They may value that more than other things and that is a personal preference I suppose.

But yes, the spirit of the world is to get and show off. The women will work on a job to pay it all and then brag or show off all they have. That is the worldly mindest and not realizing there is a world to come that you should be having your treasure in more.

Somehow along the way, I got over my "I can't be happy until I have a big house and BMW" - and realized I could be happy RIGHT NOW. Then I began to realize I treasure the things I can take to Heaven with me more than material goods. You begin to see this life and the rush of consumerism as the idol god it is in some. You learn to be content - whether in a small apartment or a huge house, whatever God decides to give us and if we are in HIS will doing so.


Candy ♥ said...

oh i knew you didnt mean my bmw lol

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Candy lol - hey, I will gladly accept one if someone gave me one! ;-)


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