Blog Assignment

I'm giving my readers an assignment - don't worry, you won't get graded! ;-)  Just follow the directions.......

1st assignment:
  1. Get a piece of paper and pencil
  2. Write down what you would like to accomplish - from reading a certain book, taking on a study of a certain topic in the Bible or history, learning a new art/craft, traveling, spending more time playing with your children, going on dates with your husband, etc.  Just write down your "I want to accomplish these things" list
2nd assignment:
  1. Get a piece of paper and pencil
  2. Write down what is or would prevent you from accomplishing those things you seek to accomplish.  What is distracting you from getting them done or from living your life?

Now sit back and look at both lists and realize what you are giving your time, energy and attention to from what you really want to do.  Then find ways to change it and eliminate distractions!

Don't worry, I did the assignment as well and I just went and made myself an "essentials" folder on google reader only full of about 10 blogs.  Ones that I want to be up to date on and the rest are only in my "free" time.  I also removed my email and reader from my igoogle page and now just have my Google calendar and documents and task list.  I realized that I mindlessly check my igoogle a lot - which in turns shows me I have new email and new updates on my google reader and it sucks my time!  I want to accomplish a LOT of things and these distractions aren't helping! 

Share your feedback if you did the assignment and what you gleaned from it!