Get Real!

So many people today are fakes, phonies, pretenders and show offs.  There has to come a time in your life, where you GET REAL with yourself and put all the charades aside.  Enough pretending - simply be YOU!  So many times, I've seen people act a certain way to please others, all the while they are pushing their own individualities to the curb. They lose their sense of self and what God has made them to be.  They get lost in this persona that they feel will get accepted by their peers, those in authority over them or whoever it may be they are trying to please.

It's time to get real with yourself and push aside your fear of rejection and allow the person God made you to be to shine.  I've come to the place in my own life, where I honestly could care less what others think of me and its taken me a long time to get there mentally.  Sure, I could say with my mouth that I didn't care what others thought but deep down there it was and would soon arise again.  However, through trials, personal slanders, insults, criticisms and seeing through the phoniness of others you began to realize that they don't matter in the whole scheme of things.  What really matters is GOD and what he wants for you and it isn't to live your life pleasing someone else besides Him!

God wants us to take full advantage of what he has designed us to be and our personalities.  Through illness, I've learned what is really important to me and isn't mulling over who is gossiping about me this week!  Why would you let satan use what others think of you to the point where you are completely controlled by it in your mind?  It's time to break free from those chains and GET REAL!

There will always be those who brown-nose, act a certain way around others to get approval and put on a good show but then there can be you being REAL and to those that value authenticity - they will take note!  If you can't let your hair down, have a good laugh, have a deep conversation without your mamby-pamby feelings being hurt - then you need to get real and let go of your insecurities!

Are you a professional chameleon?  Do you change your demeanor based upon who you are with and who walks in the room?  Do you crave approval?  Do you do things to be accepted?  Play all your cards right and ensure you are the ultimate poster child of perfection?  Then its time that you.........GET REAL!